A Brighter Future is Sure to Come

The Convention of the Rights of the Child adopted in November 1989 stipulates that “childhood is entitled to special care and assistance” and that the child “should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding”.

However, children who should be granted the special protection of a society are rather reduced to prime victims in many countries.

The capitalist society, where money and profitability eclipse love for humankind and warm affection for posterity, inflicts diseases and sufferings, illiteracy and ignorance, poverty and starvation upon children who should enjoy social benefits on a preferential basis.

In light of such reality, the Korean people take great pride in their socialist motherland where they live and the coming generations grow up and therefore, have the greatest attachment to this land.

As is already known, the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) in its 3rd Plenary Meeting held in June adopted a resolution on bolstering and strengthening the Party’s childcare policy.

Adoption of a resolution on childcare policy at the meeting discussing important issues related to the destiny of the state is the measure that can be taken only by the WPK as it is the glorious tradition of the Korean revolution to do everything for the future generations.

The work to afford everything to the children has been undertaken from early days and the whole history of the Korean revolution is recorded with passionate love for posterity and future shown by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who regarded children as kings and queens of the country.

President Kim Il Sung spared nothing and did everything for children even during the arduous anti-Japanese war when we had no party, no government and no country; he embraced the members of the Children’s Corps in Maanshan – shivering with cold and starving – saying that love for posterity means the love for future, those children will build our motherland into a garden blooming with all kinds of flowers, we should raise our posterity well and take good care of them for the future of the country and the future of humankind.

In December of the year when our country was liberated, despite his heavy workload, President Kim Il Sung gave clear instructions to set up nurseries and kindergartens at the earliest possible date and took a benevolent measure to name the first nursery in our country as “March 8 Nursery”.

Chairman Kim Jong Il frequently visited far-off defense lines so that our children’s laughter could resound all the time, saying that what we mean by living not merely for today but for tomorrow is to love the future and struggle for posterity. Thanks to such great devotion of Chairman Kim Jong Il, sounds of children reading books were resonant in all schools and vans were running to deliver soy-bean milk to children even amid hardships and ordeals, thus touching the hearts of the people throughout the country.

Today, the respected General Secretary further enriches the system for nursing and upbringing of children which was set up and maintained by the great leaders.

The respected General Secretary, regarding all sorts of hardships for the sake of children as an irreplaceable sacred duty and joy of his lifetime, visited the rough construction site of the Children’s Hospital despite torrential rain and continued on the road of devotion in order to transform all baby homes, orphanages and schools into the best palaces for children in the world.

If the children, born and growing up on this land, are well fed and raised healthily in a good environment from childhood, our society will brim with vibrant vim and vigor after 20 or 30 years and the national strength of the DPRK will grow and gain in strength. This is the will of the respected General Secretary.

Thanks to the fatherly love of the respected General Secretary, ever-growing with the passage of time, the vitality of the system of nursing and upbringing of children in our country was further demonstrated and the song “We are the Happiest in the World” sung by our children echoes forever on this land as the hymn of the era.

Our children are growing strong into the masters of the future without any worries in his sun-like warm embrace.

This is why our people, seeing their children bright and cheerful, make tireless efforts with greater confidence in the rosy future of our motherland.