DPRK Foreign Ministry Director Visits Turkmenistan and Far Eastern Region of Russia

A working-level delegation of the DPRK Foreign Ministry led by a director visited Turkmenistan from April 11 to 13 at the invitation of its Foreign Ministry.

During the visit to Turkmenistan, the delegation paid a courtesy call on a vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and held negotiations with the director of the ministry.

Both sides discussed the matters of further developing the DPRK-Turkmenistan friendly and cooperative relations in politics, economy, culture and other fields and exchanged views on the regional and international issues of mutual concern.

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Equatorial Guinean President on Kim Il Sung’s Feats

Tong Chol Ho, DPRK ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, presented his credentials to President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo on April 20.

Noting that the relationship between the two countries has a history of nearly 5 decades, the president said: President Kim Il Sung rendered sincere help to Equatorial Guinea when it was undergoing difficulties.

The two countries have strengthened solidarity with each other in the struggle to defend sovereignty and achieve territorial integrity.

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Official of DPRK Foreign Ministry Meets French TV Editor

Kim Son Gyong, director of the European Department 2 of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, met and informed Scott Michel, French TF1 TV foreign news editor, of the DPRK’s stand on the situation of the Korean Peninsula.

Referring to the current situation that inches close to a war as the U.S. brought a nuclear aircraft carrier task force to the waters off the Korean peninsula while staging the largest-ever joint military exercises involving huge strategic assets, the director clarified the DPRK’s principled stand to resolutely stand against the U.S. high-handed practices and thus protect the country’s peace and security and global peace and stability by its own efforts.