Countries Praise State-Building Exploits of President Kim Il Sung, Great Sun of Korean Nation

On the occasion of the 72nd founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK), the media of several countries praised the immortal state-building exploits of President Kim Il Sung who built a new society, a genuine people’s country and added shine to it where people became its masters.

Cambodian Newspaper “Khmer Times” carried the following article:

On September 9th, 1948, the DPRK, first people’s democratic state in the East, was founded. President Kim Il Sung, hero of the Korean nation, liberated the country by waging the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle and roused all people to the building of a new country where all working people lead a happy life without exploitation and oppression. The Korean people became masters of the country for the first time in 5000-year-long history. The founding of the DPRK was etched as a brilliant page in the history of the Korean people’s struggle for building a sovereign and independent state.

Highly praising that the Korean people hold President Kim Il Sung up as an eternal President of the DPRK because his state-building exploits are great, Lao Newspaper “Pasason” stated as follows:

President Kim Il Sung provided unique state-building idea and line centered on the popular masses and thus laid an immutable guiding principle for state building. He established a new type of people’s power and developed it into a powerful weapon for accomplishing the cause of socialism.

Saying that the founding of the DPRK was a historic event, which brought about a fundamental change in carving out the destiny of the Korean people, Thai Newspaper “Xing San Daily” underlined that with the founding of the DPRK, Korea, once eclipsed on the world map, could demonstrate its dignity and might as an invincible power no one dares to provoke.