Does it really have face to find faults with others?

In the recent UEFA EURO finals, black players of the England football team failed their penalty shoot-outs with an eventual defeat at the game. In the wake of this, public criticism is on the rise while the atmosphere of Negrophobia and racial discrimination is fully charged in the UK.

The UK authorities, being nonplussed by such a criticism, are bent on mitigating the situation, crossing out discriminatory contents from the online SNS platforms and rounding up relevant persons. But the international society has reached unanimous view on this. This is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The incident that occurred in the heart of UK which boasts about being the “birthplace of modern football” cannot be simply deemed as a spur-of-the-moment disturbance of a few “football hooligans” who lost discretion and control of themselves.

This, as an inevitable consequence of deep-rooted Negrophobia and racial discrimination of the UK society, offers a glimpse of true state of human rights of the UK.

The gunfire incident aimed at a 27-year-old female activist for black people’s human rights in last May stirred up quite a shock among world peoples.

According to the recent data released by one of the UN agencies, 97% of women aged 18-24 in UK were subjected to and have been suffering from sexual violence.

Worse still, it is said that the British police are studying on the bills to suppress peaceful demonstrations by means of violence and intelligence agencies are collecting personal data illegally from the Internet.

The UK with such a dismal human rights situation rather finds fault with the others on one pretext or another without any reasonable ground whenever it finds an opportunity. This only invites boos and hisses from the international society who calls for UK to keep its own nose clean.

The UK would be well-advised this time to reflect upon itself if it has any face or qualification to pick quarrel with others.


Choe Hyon Do, Researcher of the Korea-Europe Association