DPRK FM Spokesperson Fully Supports Stand and Measures of Chinese Party and Government towards Hong Kong Issue

We fully support the stand and measures of the Chinese Party and government for defending the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of the country and safeguarding the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

A spokesperson for the DPRK Foreign Ministry said this in an answer to the question put by KCNA on August 11 in connection with the recent situation of Hong Kong of China.

Foreign forces have become undisguised in their attempt to destroy the security and order of the society of Hong Kong and do harm to the life and properties of the citizens by interfering in the Hong Kong issue, the internal affair of China, the spokesperson said, and went on:

We express our concern about this attempt and oppose and reject it.

It is our principled stand that any county, organization and individual should not be allowed to destroy the sovereignty and security of China and “one country and two systems”, as Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China.