DPRK Permanent Representative to UN Office at Geneva Delivers Statement Categorically Rejecting Anti-DPRK “Human Rights Resolution” Tabled by EU

Han Tae Song, Permanent Representative of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the United Nations Office at Geneva and Other International Organizations in Switzerland delivered a statement categorically rejecting the “human rights resolution” tabled by the European Union at the ongoing 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on March 23.

The statement reads as follows:

The DPRK delegation categorically rejects the “draft resolution on the situation of human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” submitted to the current session, since it is a document of political conspiracy which has nothing to do with the genuine protection and promotion of human rights like other previous resolutions forcibly adopted in the past.

The EU and Western countries have been adopting this kind of resolution at this meeting every year. This is an extension of anti-DPRK hostile policy they have been pursuing for more than half a century with the ulterior sinister political scheme to topple the social system of our state under the signboard of “protection of human rights.”

The so called “evidences” presented by the EU for the “resolution” are nothing more than a fake “testimony” of scummy “defectors” to sustain their filthy lives – the criminals who have abandoned their families after committing crimes in their homeland.

We have consistently rejected the “draft resolution” categorically as it is a fake document that does not deserve even the slightest consideration from the perspective of protecting and promoting human rights.

UN Human Rights Council was established for the purpose of putting an end to politicization, selectivity and double standard, and ensuring impartiality and objectivity. But contrary to its original mission, it has been reduced into a solo stage of the Western countries resorting to arbitrariness and abusing human rights issue as their tool for achieving political aims, and also into a theatre rife with antagonism and confrontation instead of dialogue and cooperation.

Every year, scores of resolutions are being adopted at the UN Human Rights Council, but not a single resolution takes issue with human rights situations in the Western countries. This is the reality of today.

The world’s worst criminal states of violating the human rights are those countries which behave like “human rights judges” by recklessly enforcing the adoption of resolutions admonishing the countries disobedient to them under the pretext of human rights for the simple reason that they have different ideas and systems.

It is an unbearable insult to and mockery of the international justice and genuine human rights that these countries attempt to cover up their severe and deep-rooted internal situation of human rights violation and rather pick on other innocent countries.

In the DPRK where the people-first principle is thoroughly applied in all spheres of social life as a cornerstone of the state activities and as a political ideal, the state has adopted it as its policy to shoulder responsibility for protecting and promoting human rights of all the people, and is thoroughly implementing it.

The DPRK will further consolidate and improve the Korean style socialist system which firmly guarantees its people’s human rights and fundamental freedoms, and positively join the international efforts for the genuine protection and promotion of human rights.

Our delegation avails itself of this opportunity to extend deep gratitude to the countries, which have expressed just and objective views on the human rights situation of our country, in their manifestation of defense of justice and truth at the current session of the UN Human Rights Council.