DPRK Will Actively Engage in International Efforts for Environmental Protection: Head of Its Delegation

Head of a DPRK delegation made a speech at the Climate Action Summit held at the UN on September 23.

Noting that non-sustainable use of natural resources and destruction of environment present a great danger to the survival of mankind today, he said the hottest five-year record from 2015 due to continued rise in temperature shows that the climate change is a serious global issue whose solution brooks no further delay.

All UN member states should consider the climate change issue from moral and ethical viewpoint, he held, adding that some countries are deliberately turning blind eyes to the issue of climate change for the sake of their own economic interests.

Noting the damage caused by the climate change is beyond expectation and its victim is none other than developing countries, he urged the developed countries to acknowledge their historical responsibility for the climate change and fulfill their obligations and role in solving the problem.

Recalling that the DPRK drew up the National Environment Protection Strategy and the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy for the period of 2019-2030 and undertakes dynamic struggle to implement them, he went on:

Under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK, reforestations campaign is vigorously pushed ahead to turn all the mountains of the country into golden and treasure mountains.

The government of the DPRK sets up the goal of reducing CO₂ emission by 16.4% annually by 2030 on its own and plans to reduce 36% of the greenhouse gas additionally with active international cooperation in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

He also clarified the stand of the DPRK government to actively engage in the international efforts to tackle the climate change and protect environment.