DPRK’s Mysterious Development Stems From Outstanding Political Ability of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

On the occasion of the meaningful day of the election of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK), boundless reverence of the international society is highly expressed for the chairman of the State Affairs Commission who is demonstrating the prestige of the socialist Korea to the world by dint of his extraordinary political ability, outstanding art of leadership and fervent love for the people, and leading the Korean people along the road of victory and glory.

ILNA of Iran reported that H.E. Kim Jong Un is a people-oriented politician who possesses the noble benevolence and viewpoint on the people, and the Korean people call the policy of H.E. Kim Jong Un the policy of loving the people and follow him more as the father and the teacher than as the leader of the state.

Russia’s DV-Ross News Service carried the following article:

Under the guidance of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who attaches great importance to science and technology, the DPRK’s strategy for advance in science and technology is being implemented at a high tempo, and the undertaking for applying advanced technology to all fields are carried forward more actively. His politics is infusing vitality into the struggle of the Korean people, who are now all out for creating new miracles.

“Voice of Millions”, an Indian online news, underlined as follows:

Chairman Kim Jong Un bolstered up tremendously the politico-military might of the country – a key national power. He put all efforts into consolidating the national defence capabilities and turned the trend of war and confrontation on the Korean peninsula into a peaceful atmosphere.

No aggressive force dares to provoke a war against the DPRK, possessed of strong war deterrent against the imperialists’ vicious maneuvers. This is the reality of today.

Nepalese Newspaper “Arpan” expressed its admiration for Chairman Kim Jong Un as follows:

Being blessed with an excellent leader who could illuminate the way forward for the future of the nation and the development of the country and guide its people along this road is not as easy as it is being said. On this planet where apprehensions about the present and the future are running deep, there is an attractive leader who gives hopes and optimism to the humankind. It is none other than Chairman Kim Jong Un, whom the whole world follows in reverence.

Saying that Korea is creating miracles unprecedented in history under the wise leadership of H.E. Kim Jong Un, who firmly believes in the strength of his people, Thai Newspaper “Xing San Daily” wrote as follows:

Marvelous successes have been achieved one after another in the DPRK, to include the splendid construction of world-class edifices in such a short time span. No force can dilute the Korean people’s will to develop the economy, culture and national defense by their own national resources, technologies, strength and wisdom. The world people would not stint on their admiration over the prestige of the DPRK, an invincible power.

Egyptian Newspaper “Al Akhbar Al Masa’y” contributed a following article.

The policy of loving the people of Chairman Kim Jong Un is touching the hearts of all the people. With the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un, who holds the spirit of selfless devotion – a spirit that even stars should be brought from the sky if it is the people’s wish and there should be no satisfaction in the work for the people – the DPRK could have overcome severe difficulties and trials, and made a giant leap forward, creating epoch-making miracles. That’s why the Korean people are holding in high esteem Chairman Kim Jong Un, who safeguards and develops their destiny and guarantees their future, as whole of their lives and as mainstay of their spirit.

Saying that the DPRK, not a big country, achieves victory after victory in the confrontation with imperialism by its strong political and military might that nobody dares to provoke, the German Newspaper “Rote Fahne” conveyed its admiration as follows:

The secret and law of the DPRK’s victory are that people, who hold a great leader, are sure to win. The history and the tradition adorned with only victories are being carried on by Chairman Kim Jong Un.

The international society has vividly witnessed the outstanding leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un. The leadership of an outstanding leader and the strength of people combined would even defeat heaven.