Experts of U.S. Reproach the Administration’s Current Policy on the DPRK

Voices of reproach are openly raised among DPRK experts of U.S. with regard to the current policy of the U.S. administration.

A former official of the U.S. State Department mentioned that there have been enough opportunities to make progress in DPRK-U.S. negotiation but those opportunities have been squandered by the U.S. administration that is too hard-line and too incompetent. Saying that the U.S. administration’s DPRK policy has been doomed to failure from the beginning because of the insistence on DPRK’s unilateral disarmament and its refusal to compensate in return until DPRK gives up everything, he emphasized that stepping back from the unlimited greediness is the only way to produce any meaningful agreement and that chasing after the fantasy of unilateral disarmament of DPRK can only lead to disappointment and a return to increased tension.

He also added that even arms control experts warned that the U.S. administration’s current policy on DPRK can lead to catastrophic disaster.

Daniel Davis, a senior analyst for “Defense Priorities” made his comment on “Washington Times” homepage. His comment reads that trying to force the preemptive denuclearization on North Korea can only guarantee the repeated failure and one day lead to miscalculation which can produce the worst nightmare such as nuclear war. It also advised that U.S. should encourage the development of relations of the North and the South of Korea and facilitate the continued bilateral diplomacy with North Korea.