For Genuine Justice and Peace

It is a unanimous desire of the people over the world to achieve common prosperity, living harmoniously in a free and peaceful world without any domination, subordination, aggression and war.

In reflection of this general will of all countries of the world, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on September 7, 2001, designating September 21 as “International Day of Peace” which symbolizes global truce and non-violence, and a large number of member states have been constantly exerting their efforts driven by the idea of peace to eliminate war, conflict and act of violence.

Diametrically opposed to the aspiration of all humankind, however, war, aggression and interference are being justified, the right to existence of humankind is seriously threatened and the true meaning of peace is fading away by way of crafty manipulation of the daily growing trend of anti-war and peace.

Peace is defined by human society as a harmonious environment where there are no war, armed conflict, dispute or antagonism. Bringing clouds of war and massacre while wearing the hamlet of so-called peace defense is obviously a peace-strangling act of abusing “peace”, and a criminal act of going against the trend of justice.

It is the tragedy born out of “peace” and “democracy” advocated by some states that the peaceful people of around 800,000 lost their lives in the wars of modern time carried out under the signboard of democracy, human rights and anti-terrorism, and tens of millions of refugees emerged in many countries owing to the countless civil wars and conflicts triggered by outside forces.

A war criminal state which once inflicted immeasurable sufferings and misfortunes upon the peaceful peoples is now brazen enough to talk loud about “positive pacifism” externally while internally continuing to pay respects to the specters of militarism, thus troubling the world. And one country to be likened to a cancer in a region is clamoring for a “historic change for promoting regional peace” while seeking a permanent seizure of the already occupied areas with the backing of a big country. All of these are inhumane acts insulting point-blank the sacred idea of peace.

Independence is, after all, justice, and only when independence is defended, is it possible to hold peace.

Countries and nations that oppose aggression and war should keep alert to the nonsensical “peace” harped on about by some states and fight together in the international arena with a steadfast independent stand to definitely prevail over the attempts of infringing upon the sovereignty of individual countries. This would help accelerate the advance of humankind towards peace.

Genuine peace is guaranteed by strong national power.

The tragic fate of the countries once trampled underfoot by the imperialists because of absence of strong power demonstrates that if a country is not powerful enough, it can have no voice in the international arena, nor defend justice and conscience, only playing into the hands of the power, no matter how honest and righteous it may be, and peace can never be achieved by begging for others’ help.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will continue to strengthen the unity and cooperation with the progressive countries of the world that love peace and cherish the national sovereignty and dignity, and it will fight to the end for genuine justice and peace by enormously strengthening its Juche-based might.