Foreign Personages Praise Immortal Exploits of President Kim Il Sung

High reverence for the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung who made immortal contributions to the realization of the independent cause of humankind is more ardently expressed by foreign personages as days go on.

Chairman of the National Democratic Party of Mongolia incorporated his mind in the congratulatory message he had delivered on the occasion of the Day of the Sun as follows.

Revolutionary people of the world celebrate with splendor the Day of the Sun, birthday of H.E. Kim Il Sung, great leader of the Korean people every year. H.E. Kim Il Sung who devoted himself to the cause of global peace is a peerlessly great man admired by the Mongolian people. The Mongolian people will never forget the exploits of H.E. Kim Il Sung who established the fraternal relations of friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

Secretary General of the Lebanon Federation of Workers said that President Kim Il Sung is a great revolutionary who defeated imperialist aggressors, built socialist Korea and laid a foundation of development and prosperity by having wisely led the Korean revolution.

Chairperson of Central Executive Committee of the Bangladesh National Socialist Party expressed his excited feelings as follows.

H.E. President Kim Il Sung is the father of the socialist Korea. He founded and built the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The immortal exploits performed by H.E. President Kim Il Sung for the independent cause of humankind will shine forever in the minds of the progressive peoples.