Future of the DPRK

Publications of various countries are highly praising the lofty view on new generations by the respected Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un who regards the schoolchildren as the country’s precious treasures and bestows love and affection on them, so that they could grow up to be the robust pillars of the future.

Egyptian Internet Newspaper “Event” said as follows. June 6 is the founding day of the Korean Children’s Union. This day is yearly celebrated significantly in the DPRK. Chairman Kim Jong Un paid a deep attention to the joint national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union in celebration of its 66th founding anniversary so that it could be held on an unprecedented scale and in a splendid way. He also personally attended the ceremony despite his tight schedule and delivered a congratulatory speech. Since the Korean schoolchildren have a peerlessly great man as their leader, who has a born disposition of loving the new generations, they are held as kings of the country as well as entirety of its hope and future.

By expressing a high appreciation that what moves especially in the captivating personality of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is his special love for the new generations, Indian Newspaper “New Delhi Times” said that “Love the coming generation, and be confident of the victory!” is the view on the coming generations and the future of the Supreme Leader of the DPRK.

Nepalese Newspaper “Arpan” carried the following article. The most delightful moment for Chairman Kim Jong Un, is when he has done something for children and his happiest moment is when laughter and singing voices of children resound far and wide. Chairman Kim Jong Un warmly embraces children, pats their cheeks affectionately and kindly listens to their whispers.

And the Newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” also carried the following article. Comrade Kim Jong Un, becoming himself a parent of all schoolchildren of the country, is always caring about provision of all what is needed for studies such as schoolbags, uniforms, textbooks, notebooks etc. Extracurricular educational facilities throughout the DPRK such as Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, Songdowon International Children’s Camp have been wonderfully built thanks to his warm care. There are countless moving stories about depicting the blood ties between the leader and children, which touch the heartstrings of the world people. It is the embrace of Comrade Kim Jong Un where the Korean children rush into with their arms open without any hesitation.