Future Reflected in Children

In the long period of human history, since its beginning till now, the issue of children has been regarded as crucial that can never ever be neglected in any time as it decides the future and destiny of the country and nation.

The Women’s International Democratic Federation, at its Board Meeting held in Moscow of the former Soviet Union in November 1949, designated June 1 as the International Children’s Day to ensure the rights of children and improve their living conditions, and many countries of the world have put forth a great deal of effort for this work.

In recent years alone, various countries took substantial measures to solve the children’s issue under the direct concerns of the governments. This has greatly encouraged humankind in its aspiration to bring about prosperity by shaping up the future in all its glory.

Last March, the Russian President emphasized at a meeting that there should be a full guarantee for the rights of the minors and the safety of educational institutions while mentioning about the importance of supporting the families with many children, single mothers and the children without parents.

Some time ago, the Cambodian Prime Minister also expressed his government’s position to make active efforts to guarantee the rights and full safety of the children in his speech delivered on the occasion of the International Children’s Day and World Day Against Child Labour. At the end of last year, the Nepalese government announced the Guide on Implementation of Free Compulsory Education-2020 and formally set about its implementation. Positive progress is likewise being made the world over in protection of the children, improvement of their life environment and development of their educational work.

The progressive nature of a state and the truthfulness of the idea that stipulates a relevant social system find their true values in the happy images of the children, prospect and future of the country, not in any word or letter.

That is because the proper policy of a country and its outlook on a new generation which guarantee the children’s genuine rights are condensed in their bright and happy faces.

All the children, their faces beaming with joy, are giving full play to their hopes and aspirations with nothing envious in the world. Such a socialist system of our country is indeed a genuine country for the people and a kingdom for the children, which spares no wealth and effort for the coming generations.

Patriotism, in its true sense, should ground itself in the lofty outlook on the coming generations, and it is an ardent love of dedicating oneself to posterity rather than to one’s own generation – this is a philosophical principle our respected Comrade Kim Jong Un is engraving into the hearts of the people. He is now tending to every nook and cranny of our country as a yet more beautiful garden of socialism overflowing with warm feelings of a family.

Comrade Kim Jong Un sent his first and foremost blessings to the kids in the Pyongyang Children’s Home on the International Children’s Day. He also personally took part in the inauguration ceremony of Songdowon International Children’s Camp and devoted his heart and soul for the children all day long. Such was his devotion that moved everyone to tears and turned the whole country into the native home for children with all the people having assumed the role of parents.

The lofty mentality of maternal heroines who assume the care of tens of orphans to bring them up as their own flesh and blood, the heart-moving deeds of those who saved, among drowning children, other’s child before saving one’s very own, the story of countless fathers and mothers who showed tender loving care for the bereaved children while visiting their schools for dozens of years without intermission – all these are an unheard-of epic of love for posterity and future that can be witnessed only in socialist Korea in the world.

A fertile land is bound to bear well-ripened fruits.

In the socialist system of our country, the work for posterity is considered as a national trait as well as a social and moral obligation before it is regarded as a legal and institutional requirement. It is a coagulation of the virtue and tender feelings where children are loved and cared for so warmly and affectionately. Our children living in such a bosom will grow up stronger to be masters of the future and pillars of the country.