Grave Challenge to International Justice

A series of infiltration incidents by foreign mercenaries have recently occurred in Venezuela, all aimed at assassinating its President and high-ranking officials of the government. This is evoking grave concern of the international community.

On May 3, the Venezuelan government announced that the mercenary terrorists attempted to infiltrate into the country in a bid to assassinate the leaders of the Revolutionary Government. It said that the National Guard shot to death eight terrorists and captured two, who landed on the coast of La Guaira, 32 km north from Caracas, the capital city.

The Venezuelan military authorities also announced on May 10 that 11 terrorists infiltrating into the country with the purpose of overthrowing the government were captured in the northern part of the country.

It is said that more than 40 mercenary terrorists have been captured in the last one week while attempting to infiltrate into the country by sea, and among the captured are American mercenaries with a record of service in the U.S. special forces.

Such military intervention and aggressive maneuvers by the external hostile forces against a legitimate state are acts of infringement upon the sovereignty, which can never be tolerated in any case, and they are also a grave provocation detrimental to the regional peace and stability.

Our people always remain steadfast in denouncing and rejecting all attempts for violating and infringing upon a sacred state sovereignty and all maneuvers for interfering in internal affairs as they are a challenge to international justice and a flagrant contravention of the international law.

We are closely following with deep concern the developments in Venezuela which keep on deteriorating because of the undisguised attempts by the hostile forces inside and outside.

Korea-Latin America Association