Great Defender of the Cause for Independence against Imperialism

The different media of the world stint no words in praising the immortal exploits performed by the great Chairman Kim Jong Il, who safeguarded the destiny of the country and people and led the cause for independence against imperialism to victory by dint of his unique politics of Songun.

The Owner of Myit Tar Moe Press of Myanmar spoke with the warmest praise that H.E. Kim Jong Il put his heart and soul into bolstering up national defensive power until the last moment of his lifetime since he had left the first mark of exercising his leadership over the revolutionary armed forces. He went on to say that he had provided a sure guarantee of national defensive power to realize the cause of socialism by growing the Korean People’s Army(KPA) into an invincible force and increasing self-defensive military power to the maximum. He also said that his leadership led to building up the DPRK steel-strong and achieving a remarkable success in the socialist construction.

ILNA of Iran emphasized that peace and security have come to prevail on the Korean peninsula owing to the feat accomplished by Chairman Kim Jong Il, who had covered a long distance of Songun all along while foiling military provocations of the imperialists every step of the way with his matchless courage and guts. He also said that a reliable outpost of peace was built up in the East, all of which was made possible by the Songun leadership of the peerless great man. The exploits performed by Chairman Kim Jong Il, he said, will be printed markedly in the human history, who made a great contribution to the cause of independence against imperialism while beating off imperialism in its high-handed and arbitrary acts.

“L’Avenir”, Newspaper of Democratic Congo gave a description of the fact that Chairman Kim Jong Il opened a new era of accomplishing the cause of socialism through his energetic leadership of Songun. In the mid-1990s, he held high the banner of Songun after gaining a deep insight into the prevailing situation and the requirements of development of the revolution. Thanks to the Songun politics, the Korean people could overcome all the difficulties and challenges and firmly move along the road of Juche. The biggest achievement of Chairman Kim Jong Il, it said, is the fact that he made it possible for the socialist cause to advance steadily, bearing the destiny of the country and nation on his shoulders.

“Passason” , Lao Newspaper gave coverage to the following:
Socialism collapsed one after another in many countries in the closing year of the last century. The imperialists, trading on this occasion, became more and more blatant in their offensive against socialism. Just at this time, Chairman Kim Jong Il succeeded in defending the destiny of socialism with his unfolded Songun politics. The Korean People’s Army(KPA), under his leadership, has grown and gained in strength as revolutionary armed forces which serve in both defending the country and undertaking socialist construction.

“All Akhbar Al Masa’y”, Egyptian Newspaper, highlighted the fact that the DPRK, which was in eclipse on the world as a small colonised country until a century ago, is now demonstrating its grandeur as an invincible independent power recognized by the world. It pointed out that all this is attributable to Songun politics exercised by H.E. Kim Jong Il. It emphasized that national dignity and country’s sovereignty are not to be defended by somebody nor to be gained by money and that only the road of giving a priority to arms is the one of breaking the spirits of the imperialists, who try to hold sway over the world by force and highhanded acts, and making sure the country and nation shine resplendent with sovereignty and dignity.