Greetings to Russian FM

Ri Son Gwon, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) sent a message of greetings to his Russian counterpart Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov on Saturday on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The message said that the people of the DPRK and the world progressive people will always remember the heroic feats performed by the army and people of the Soviet Union who defeated the aggressors and defended the security of the country and global peace by displaying popular heroism and matchless spirit of self-sacrifice in the sacred war of justice against fascism.

Expressing the belief that the long-standing relations of friendship and cooperation between the DPRK and Russia would grow stronger in conformity with the spirit of the agreement made at the bilateral summit meeting held in April last year, the message wished the Russian Foreign Minister great success in his responsible work.