Head of DPRK Delegation Delivered Statement at Fourth Session of UNEA

The head of Delegation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) delivered a national statement at the Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly held in Nairobi, Kenya from 11 to 15 March 2019.

In the statement, he said that the government of the DPRK has been making great efforts for the protection of environment in order to provide people with more civilized and clean environment and is now developing a national environment protection strategy for the purpose of, inter alia, making the economy less dependent on fossil fuel, encouraging wide use of renewable energy such as hydraulic, wind and solar and turning the national economy into a resources-saving, recycling, green and eco-friendly one.

He said that environment protection is the global issue that all member states should tackle in joint efforts with common understanding and target, and continued as follows.

There are some irresponsible countries which deliberately neglect climate change and other issues related to environment and override the internationally agreed environment-related conventions for their own selfish economic interests.

Such short-sighted and ignorant attitude should never be tolerated. Those countries should bear in mind the consequences they will inflict on the humanity by their selfishness and join in the international efforts to protect our planet.

International cooperation related to environment protection should in no case fall victim to politicization and sanctions driven by the interests of a few individual countries.

Some developing countries are deprived of funding for implementation of the programs under UNFCCC and Montreal Protocol on clear political reasons. Such discriminatory moves frustrating the sincere efforts of those developing countries to abide by the international agreements should be put to an end.

The international organizations and funds such as UNEP, GEF, UNCCD should take impartial positions and provide fair and non-discriminatory assistance, with high vigilance against the non-technical barriers of a certain states.

He reaffirmed in conclusion that the DPRK would fulfill its responsibility assumed under international environment frameworks and conventions and fully join in the international efforts to protect the global environment.