Head of DPRK Delegation Delivered Statement at the 40th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO

The head of Delegation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) delivered a national statement on November 16, 2019 at the 40th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris, France.

He said that in realizing the common desire of the humankind to put an end to the century-old history of war, inequality, hunger and poverty and to write a new history of justice, peace, prosperity and development, UNESCO assumes an ever more important role to play.

He said that under the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the DPRK Government, has enforced the universal 12-year compulsory and free education system, and it is now carrying out the work of building the country into an education power and a talent power by holding up the strategic banner “Let us make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education!” And he also said that in accordance with the policy on building a sci-tech power, endeavors are being made on a wider scale to integrate science and technology with production.

He said in the statement that the DPRK Government will speed up the building of socialist civilization and sci-tech power with our own efforts, technology and resources, holding higher the great spirit of self-reliance as the banner and he continued as follows.

In view of today’s reality where the globally recognized basic principles governing the international relations are openly ignored by high-handedness and arbitrariness of a specific country, and sanctions and pressure and even attempts for regime change are bluntly committed against selective countries, it is imperative for UNESCO to play its due role in realizing genuine global justice.

The UNESCO should adhere to impartiality and reject politicization and discrimination in its activities of cooperation in line with its purposes and missions for the development of civilization to be shared by humankind.

He continued that the Korean nation is the master of peace, prosperity and reunification on the Korean peninsula, and the issues such as registering the Demilitarized Zone as a World Heritage are the ones that the north and south must first agree on in the spirit of the North-South Declarations.

In conclusion, he affirmed the position of the Government of the DPRK to continue to develop international cooperation and solidarity and actively join the Organization and other member states in their efforts for achieving Sustainable Development Goals on the basis of its foreign policy ideas of independence, peace and friendship.