“Human Rights Watch” Adept at Anti-China “Human Rights” Plot and Propaganda

“Human Rights Watch” has recently made an anti-China human rights racket, spreading again the rumor about “forced repatriation” by China.

When it comes to “Human Rights Watch”, it is a villainous “human rights” plot organization which, describing itself as an international human rights body, has actively engaged in the anti-China “human rights” rackets by the successive U.S. administrations.

This year alone, this hypocritical “human rights” organization maliciously slandered and debased the true picture of human rights in China, spreading the fabrications that China is perpetrating human rights violations of all hues in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region.

In May this year, a high-level personnel from “Human Rights Watch” participated in the anti-China event on Xinjiang issue hosted by the United States and the West, and in June, it released a report to the effect that the Chinese government is threatening and watching its dissident students studying abroad.

Bringing to light this plot organization’s meddling in other’s internal affairs without being aware of its own position, Chinese media and experts are deriding “Human Rights Watch” as being “notorious” for inventing time-worn fraudulent information and lies designed to impair the China’s reputation, and they are also disclosing the sinister intention of anti-China “human rights” racket by the United States.

Plot and fabrication will only beget shame and disgrace.