Immortal History of Guidance on Party Comes Down Forever

The world is voicing its boundless admiration for Chairman Kim Jong Il, who developed the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) into a Juche-oriented revolutionary party – the most dignified and glorious one – and a genuine motherly party.

The Deputy General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia said that the Korean people are now firmly advancing along the road of socialism in the face of terrible challenges of the imperialists because they enjoy the seasoned leadership of the WPK, and he expressed his feelings by stating that the DPRK holds him in high esteem as an eternal leader of the WPK, and this is the reflection of steadfast will of the entire Korean people to hand down through generations the noble ideas and exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

The Chairman and the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Bangladesh, the Chairman of the Bangladesh Jatiya Party and the Chairperson of the Bangladesh People’s League underlined that the great leader Kim Jong Il developed the WPK into an iron-willed party, a general staff of the Korean revolution which is realizing the independence of the popular masses without slightest vacillation amidst all sorts of turbulence of history.

Nepalese Internet Magazine “Nepal Today” carried a special article to the effect that under the guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the WPK could hold fast to the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung, its founder, as its steadfast guiding idea and guiding principle, and Chairman Kim Jong Il’s immortal history of the guidance on the WPK is coming down forever.

Senegalese Newspaper “Courrier African” carried the following article in appreciation of Chairman Kim Jong Il. H.E. Kim Jong Il equipped the whole party with the revolutionary idea of President Kim Il Sung and put main emphasis on strengthening the cohesion and unity of the Party in terms of ideology and purpose at a time when the international socialist movement was undergoing difficulties and misery due to the maneuvers of the modern revisionists. The WPK has been strengthened as a party which is united in ideology and purpose on the basis of one idea and one center and strong in organization and discipline. H.E. Kim Jong Il is an eternal leader of the WPK.

Lao Newspaper “Pasason” mentioned that in the period of the worldwide political upheaval caused by the frustration of socialism in several countries, Chairman Kim Jong Il made public the classic works which provide clear-cut answers to the important and principled matters arising in building the revolutionary party and the ways and means for addressing them. It continued: Chairman Kim Jong Il defended the cause of socialism and gave a powerful impetus to it while frustrating the increased anti-socialist attack of the hostile forces by the treasured sword of Songun. This is the outstanding exploits performed by him.

Internet Homepage of the Romanian Workers’ Association praised the great personality possessed by Chairman Kim Jong Il, who built the WPK into a motherly party that takes responsibility of the destiny and future of all people of the whole country, and it continued as follows: The WPK was able to demonstrate its dignity as a genuine motherly party, a mass-based party that forms a harmonious whole with the popular masses and faithfully serves the people. All of these are attributable to the tireless and energetic leadership and devotion of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

“Public Lens”, an organ of the Uganda National Resistance Movement underlined as follows:
H.E. Kim Jong Il led the WPK into fulfilling its duty as a motherly party that takes the full responsibility and care of the destiny of the people. Under his energetic leadership, the WPK fully demonstrated its might as an invincible party, which firmly solidifies the single-hearted unity among the leader, the Party, and the popular masses and braves all difficulties and trials under the absolute support and trust of the people.

Bangladeshi Newspaper “Natun Katha” highlighted the following: During the whole period of his revolutionary leadership, H.E. Kim Jong Il, who had fully converted the party work into the work with people, developed the WPK into a party which represents, defends and realizes the demands and interests of the popular masses, and into a mass-based party which is deeply rooted into the broad masses in blood-tie relations. That is why the Korean people sincerely follow and absolutely trust the WPK, unreservedly calling it a mother.