International Society Praise History of WPK as History of People-First Principle

High appreciation is voiced from the international society for the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) which has adorned its 75-year-long history with victories and glories by displaying to the whole world its dignity as a mighty guiding force since its birth.

Nepalese internet magazine “Nepal Today” carried a following article: The history of WPK can be said to be the one of people-first principle of having believed in people as in heaven and devotedly served them. Since WPK engraved a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush on its red flag, it has never been separated from the people, and it has developed the revolution and construction, always trusting in people and relying on their strength.

The article continued: The popular masses are an underpinning root of the existence of WPK, and therefore in the turmoil of history, it has been only the people that WPK firmly trusted in. The Korean people – who have constituted the inexhaustible strength and courage for the Party and broken through the bitter hardships of history with indomitable will in the grim years of revolution – gave absolute support only to the Party and shared their destiny with it. Since it has been supported by this people, WPK was able to be sustainable under the complicated global political situation and could lead the socialist cause towards victory without any vacillation in the face of raging winds of history.

Egyptian newspaper “Al Nashir” wrote as follows: The source of WPK’s inexhaustible energy is none other than the popular masses. WPK has all along advanced not by a miraculous power from the heaven but by the strength of people who have followed and defended only the Party. Popular masses amount to an infinite reservoir of wisdom for WPK. It is the creed of WPK that if there is any omnipotent entity in this world, it is the popular masses, not the heaven.

The newspaper continued in high admiration: The demand and opinions from the people are the starting point and criteria for shaping the lines and policies of WPK, and WPK always found itself among the people and lent its ear to their voices whenever it decided on its way forward or faced difficulties during the whole period of its revolutionary leadership. WPK could be able to choose the staunch road to becoming a strong nation with full confidence in tomorrow’s victory, because it put full trust in the indomitable strength, mental strength of the Korean people who are the full embodiment of self-reliance and self-development.