Invincible Friendship and Unity

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Cuba on August 29, 1960 was a significant occasion in encouraging the struggle of the peoples of the two countries that embarked on the accomplishment of the socialist cause and in developing and expanding their friendly and cooperative ties.

The invincible friendship and unity personally formed by the preceding leaders of the two countries serve now as a good example of the comradely relations among the peoples of the revolutionary countries.

Ever since the early days of victory in the Cuban Revolution, President Kim Il Sung always extended strong support and solidarity to the righteous struggle of the Cuban people for defending the gains of the revolution and building socialism and spared them no assistance both materially and morally.

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il had an emotional meeting with Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz who paid a visit to the DPRK in March 1986, and further deepened the revolutionary obligation and comradely friendship that would remain unchanged on the same road to socialism.

Even amid the serious political turmoil that swept the world in the 90s of last century, the two countries firmly adhered to the banner of socialism by dint of the revolutionary principle and obligation and the might of unity.

Chairman Kim Jong Il always paid special attention to the improved relations with Cuba, saying that it is our obligation and duty as class brothers to support the Cuban people.

The DPRK-Cuba relations of friendship and cooperation forged by the preceding leaders continue to strengthen and develop on the basis of the revolutionary principle and obligation under the special attention by the supreme leaders of the two countries.

Particularly noteworthy was the meaningful meeting between the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and Comrade Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez held in Pyongyang in November 2018, which marked a historic watershed in consistently carrying forward the DPRK-Cuba relations of friendship and cooperation established and cemented in the struggle for defending socialism.

The respected Kim Jong Un expressed invariable support and encouragement to the Cuban people who are building a powerful and prosperous country, saying that the DPRK and Cuba stand firm together on the same front in their struggle for defending the sovereignty and dignity of the countries and safeguarding international justice.

The leaders of the two countries solemnly promised to dynamically push forward the socialist construction in both countries along the road of victory, never letting go of the hands which together hold high the banner of socialism.

The state relations between the DPRK and Cuba are not simply diplomatic relations but fraternal class relations characterized by the revolutionary principle, comradely obligation and socialist principle, and also the invincible friendly relations unbreakable by any force.

During the past six decades, our two countries creditably realized the exchanges and cooperation in all fields including politics, economy and culture through multi-faceted contacts and active mutual visits and worked together at the UN General Assembly and other international arena to defend global peace and security and to build a new independent world.

Today, the Cuban people are scoring great successes in their struggle to victoriously advance the cause of socialism, firmly rallied around Comrade Raúl Castro Ruz and Comrade Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez.

The Korean people are rejoicing over the Cuban people’s successes as their own and take pride in having a reliable and trustworthy comrade-in-arms and brother in Latin America like the Cuban people.

It is our unshakable stand to invariably carry on through generations the baton of friendship that flows from the revolutionary principle, comradely obligation and socialist principle between the DPRK and Cuba, which have been provided and strengthened by the leaders of the two countries.

Regardless of any change in the situation, the Korean people will always stand by the righteous side of the Cuban people and extend full support and encouragement to their struggle.

We will, as ever, continue to cherish the strategic and comradely DPRK-Cuba ties of friendship and cooperation and fulfil our sacred mission and duty in the common struggle for accomplishing the socialist cause.


Song Se Il

Director-General of the African, Arab and Latin American Affairs Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Democratic People’s Republic of Korea