Irreversible Trend of the Times

Recently, social movement for eradicating the colonial remnants is actively waged in African countries amid the globally intensified wave against racism.

On June 26 in Uganda, over 5000 people including parliamentarians and lawyers submitted a petition to the government and the national assembly, which demands the eradication of the colonial remnants.

In the petition, they pointed out that the colonial aftereffects still persist now 58 years since the British withdrawal from Uganda, and called for the removal of all kinds of colonial names and monuments which are infringing upon the human rights and freedom of the African people.

Online signature campaigns are also launched in Kenya and other East African countries, which call for a change of the name of Lake Victoria, the pride of Africa, labeling its name as a colonial remnant.

And a provincial council in Nigeria strongly urged for a change of the city street names symbolic of the slavery system.

In Senegal, the name of “Europe Square” of the Island of Gorée – also known as “Slave Houses” because it was used as a base for transatlantic slave trade during the past centuries – was changed into “Freedom and Human Dignity Square.” This fact showed once again the aspiration and will of the African people to eliminate the colonial remnants and advance along the road of independent development.

Today, the movement of African countries for eliminating the colonial remnants represents a step forward in their just struggle for achieving socio-political integration and common development in the region.

Nothing can stand in the way of African people’s struggle to regain the prestige and restore the history of the nation and embark on the new road of their development.

It is an international desire and an irreversible trend of the times to fundamentally eliminate the unfair international order and realize a genuine international justice.

Korea-Africa Association