KCNA Commentary Derides Political Pigmy Japan

Japan is going dull-witted, swimming against the trend of the times.

The political dwarf which raved hoarse about the DPRK’s “possible transshipment” in the seas last year is again floating the “suspicion about sea dealings”, inviting world criticism.

At the recent G7 foreign ministerial meeting in France, the Japan foreign minister pleaded several countries to closely cooperate for the thorough-going implementation of “sanctions resolutions” on the DPRK and for curbing north Korea’s oil purchase through vessel-to-vessel transfer.

The Japan chief Cabinet secretary is now speaking about eliciting international support for the settlement of the issue of “Japanese abductees” by north Korea at the UN session slated for in May.

Japan going helter-skelter to prop up the international cooperation system for pressure on the DPRK only arouses worldwide derision as it further pronounces its position sidelined from the current trend over the Korean peninsula issue.

As was taken note of by the world, the historic first session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly reconfirmed the invariable fundamental principle of the state-building of the DPRK to build up its strength and build socialism by its own efforts from a firm independent stand to defend its sovereignty and dignity and achieve genuine prosperity, given the specific conditions faced by the Korean revolution and under the prevailing complicated international situation.

It is foolhardy to resort to such thoughtless act to browbeat the DPRK, a country pushing forward the drive of building a powerful socialist country, while frustrating the hostile forces’ sanctions with strong spirit of independence and self-reliance.

The broad spectrum of the international community today extend firm support and solidarity to the DPRK which propels the situation on the peninsula and the region to détente, peace and development, while reliably guaranteeing the security of the country and happiness of the people under the high-held banner of independence despite the sanctions and pressure imposed by the hostile forces.

But only the narrow-minded Japanese reactionaries, who fall short of discerning the trend of the times, continue clinging to the hackneyed stand-off in their desperate bid to turn the table around.

The Japanese government has made it its policy to “invariably go ahead with the past policy of pressure on the DPRK through international cooperation” and is increasingly tightening sanctions against the DPRK.

Question is what the purpose is behind such moves.

The hostile acts of the Abe group brought itself isolation in the international political arena.

The reason is because it has abused the aggravation of the situation on the peninsula as a pretext for justifying its bid for becoming a military giant.

The war criminal state Japan which launched aggression war against humankind and committed shuddering crimes against humanity in the last century has spurred the drive for becoming a military giant in the world eyes, citing the aggravated situation on the peninsula as a pretext.

The sea monitoring persisted by the Japanese reactionaries is designed to further escalate the situation on the peninsula, secure justifications for becoming a military giant and redress from a cold shoulder it got from the world.

Japan can never steer clear of standing international isolation, its will notwithstanding if keeps going idiot, stupid and senseless.