Kim Yong Nam Attends Iranian Presidential Inauguration

Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, attended the inaugural ceremony of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the Majlis Building in Teheran on Saturday.

Present there were heads of state and government and delegations from different countries and representatives of international organizations including the EU, personages of the Iranian government, Majlis, the military and religious circles and other figures of various circles.

The speaker of the Iranian Majlis made a congratulatory speech at the inaugural ceremony.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was sworn in office.

Then he made a speech on the domestic and foreign policies of the Iranian government.

He expressed the stand of his government to develop the economy, strengthen the defence capability, ensure peace and democracy and realize constructive cooperation with the international community.

He affirmed that Iran would cope with the U.S. moves for scraping the nuclear agreement with vigilance and make all efforts to ensure peace and stability in the Middle East region.

Kim Yong Nam was invited to a reception given by the Iranian president on the same day.