Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Lauded by Nepalese Magazine

The Nepalese internet magazine Nepal Today posted a special article illustrated with a photo of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The magazine said that experts on the Korean affairs and the mass media attribute the factor of signal successes being made by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) in all spheres to the leadership of H.E. Kim Jong Un.

It went on:

H.E. Kim Jong Un is a politician of ability possessed of many-sided knowledge, who is being recognized by the international community.

His works dealing with the whole of social life are of great influence and attraction, as deep analysis, philosophical profundity, originality and easy-understanding words run through the works.

Excellent structures recently built in the DPRK show well the outstanding architectural insight and creativity of H.E. Kim Jong Un.

Science and technology of the DPRK are rapidly developing thanks to his guidance.

H.E. Kim Jong Un is conversant with the political situation on the Korean peninsula and the rest of the world.

His political ability is conspicuous in the arena of international diplomacy.

The historic meetings and summits between H.E. Kim Jong Un and heads of state of different countries clearly prove that he is, indeed, a man of outstanding diplomatic ability including profound knowledge about and wise analysis of the affairs on the Korean peninsula and issues of international relations, principled view, charisma and outstanding bargaining power in negotiation.