Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Lauded in Egypt

Egyptian Newspapers gave special write-ups on May 10 and 11 in celebration of the 4th anniversary of election of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK).

The Internet Newspaper “Event”, in an article illustrated with a photo of the Supreme Leader, lauded the 70-odd year history of the WPK as that of the people-first principle during which it has regarded the people as heaven and made devoted efforts for the good of the people.

The article said that the people-first principle is the lifeblood of the WPK.

It noted that under the guidance of Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK, the WPK has further developed into the Party which has formed a harmonious whole with the popular masses.

The Newspaper “Al Nashir” reported that the WPK has advanced on the strength of the people who have always followed and safeguarded it.

It said that in the whole period of leading the revolution, the WPK has found itself among the people to heed their voice whenever it steers a course and faces grave ordeals and difficulties.

Noting that the WPK unfolded a grandiose blueprint for building a powerful socialist country at its Seventh Congress, it stressed that the WPK was able to choose the road of building a powerful country with confidence in victories because it strongly believes in the indomitable strength and will of the people who have the spirit of self-development and self-reliance.