Outstanding Leader with Distinguished Leadership and Warm Love for People

The reverence by the international society is more highly expressed for Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK), who is adding brilliance to the dignity of socialist Korea and bringing about happiness for the people with his extraordinary and seasoned political ability.

Internet photo exhibition held in China on the theme of “Leader Trusted by People” on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the election of Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, as Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea has recorded over 11.53 million viewers in a short time and the boundless respect and trust of the progressive people in the peerlessly great man were highly expressed through the photo exhibition.

Many people, who were deeply impressed by the extraordinary leadership of Chairman of the State Affairs Commission through their visit to various internet homepages including the website jointly run by China World Peace Foundation and Beijing International Peace and Culture Foundation, voiced their admiration of the great man as follows:

Chairman Kim Jong Un is majestic. His outstanding political ability has been demonstrated during the past years. The world politicians cannot but admire him. The Korean leader is really great and the people of the DPRK are happy indeed. Their hearts are full of sincere respect for and trust in their leader. Chairman Kim Jong Un is an excellent leader who enjoys the love of people. We wish Chairman Kim Jong Un good health.

The former Chairman of International Taekwon-Do Association of Iran said that it is a historic event that His Excellency Kim Jong Un was held at the highest post of the Workers’ Party of Korea and expressed his feelings as follows:

H.E. Kim Jong Un is leading the Korean people into adding luster to the exploits of the preceding leaders. Thanks to his leadership, the DPRK could gain the status of a strategic state with dignity and achieve brilliant successes in the construction of a powerful socialist state despite the vicious moves of hostile forces. We will strive hard to strengthen the friendship and solidarity between the peoples of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the DPRK.

“Public Lens”, an organ of the Uganda National Resistance Movement, stated that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is receiving a global spotlight as a very attractive and popular statesman in the world political arena and carried the following article:

His first and foremost charm is that he possesses both strength and gentleness in harmony. The posture and determination that he displayed in the confrontation with the hostile forces in the latest years attests to his disposition as a very strong leader recognized by the international society. The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is yet as gentle as he is strong. He answers the greetings of people with deep bows and talks to them in a whisper with a smile. The way of his addressing the people is really kind and unreserved.

The organ underlined that another charm of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is that he is very much dependable, who never makes empty words and he puts into practice whatever determination he makes, and it continued as follows:

People always look at him making correct decisions in a composed and confident manner under any complicated circumstances and they get to feel at ease, being convinced of their future. The future of the DPRK with Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem is bright.

The internet homepage of the Council of Arab-Korea Cooperation wrote that Chairman Kim Jong Un put up the slogan “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” as the basic requirement of state activity and carried the following article:

It is the reality of the DPRK that politics, the military, economy, culture and morality are for the people and only those for the people are encouraged. The noble sense of duty of Chairman Kim Jong Un who would take responsible care of the destiny of the people to the last is a main source which further elevates the DPRK into a dignified country of the people. The outstanding leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Un is a decisive guarantee for vigorously accelerating the building of a powerful socialist country in the DPRK. The DPRK with the outstanding leader in high esteem will rise up as a powerful socialist country in the near future.