Outstanding Politician Recognized by the World

Foreign media are praising the great features of Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK), who further develops the WPK into an ever-victorious iron-willed party and a great motherly party by his extraordinary wisdom and tireless, energetic leadership.

Dozens of Russian media including News Agencies TASS, Ria-Novosti and Interfax, Newspapers “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Rossiskaya Gazeta”, “Ren-TV”, Internet Newspaper “Yedinaya Korea”, Internet TV “Mir 24”, Internet Magazine “Lemchich” spared no voice of their boundless reverence and admiration of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who receives a global spotlight as the most outstanding political leader of our time.

Saying that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has been attracting great attention of the international society in the shortest span of time ever since he entered the political arena, the media reported as follows.

Humankind is admiring his outstanding political ability. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, whom the Korean people boundlessly revere and hold in high esteem, is respected by the world progressive people as a great man. Anyone is attracted and captivated by his steadfast faith in independence, courageous determination, magnanimity and experienced diplomatic skill as well as his noble features. Being charmed by a great man and admiring him are too natural. People enthusiastically trust and follow Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who loves people very much and shares feelings with them without leaving any gap with them.

Cambodian Newspaper “Nokor Thom Daily” carried a following article. Chairman Kim Jong Un, holding fast to the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the guiding ideology, is strengthening and developing the WPK into the rock-solid vanguard that is advancing by dint of ideology and single-minded unity. All activities of Chairman Kim Jong Un who adds shine to the WPK as a true motherly party making selfless, devoted efforts for the people are all along based on the love for people.

The Korean people, who are deeply moved by the endless love of the leader towards them, have turned out unanimously in a move for implementing the line and policy of the Party while entrusting their destiny and future to him and calling the Party a mother. The dignity and prestige of the WPK – which is leading the socialist cause to victory under the absolute support and trust from the people, is not imaginable apart from Chairman Kim Jong Un.

Tanzanian newspaper “Uhuru” stated as follows.

The international society attributes the DPRK’s secret to continuous development even under the increased sanctions and pressure of the hostile forces to the political mode of the WPK. The WPK is dynamically pushing forward the construction of a powerful socialist country by giving full play into the boundless spirit of the people with firm belief in their strength. Today, the successes being achieved one after another in the DPRK are the brilliant result generated by the seasoned leadership of the WPK. It is too natural that the people are following this Party.

Pakistani Newspaper “Election Times” highly appreciated that Leader Kim Jong Un is a symbol of the dignity and invincibility of the WPK.

Bangladeshi Newspaper “Daily Folk” also highly appreciated that the great leader of the WPK is H.E. Kim Jong Un and the WPK holding him in high esteem will be ever-victorious.

Brazilian Newspaper “Água Verde” said as follows.

His Excellency Kim Jong Un is an ideal state leader who possesses an outstanding feature and excellent qualities.

His Excellency Kim Jong Un, a politician who boundlessly loves his people, is leading the WPK into consistently embodying the people-first policy. No wonder the Korean people respect him as the father and the teacher, let alone as the leader of the state.

Stating that Comrade Kim Jong Un is being acknowledged by the world as an outstanding politician and young leader who is carrying out the great cause of Comrade Kim Jong Il without any deviation, the Internet Homepage of the Hungarian Workers’ Party underlined as follows.

Comrade Kim Jong Un was elected as Chairman of the WPK on May 9, 2016. Under his leadership, the WPK is defending the sovereignty of the country in the complex international environment and guiding all people steadfastly and unfailingly along the road of socialism chosen by themselves. Because there is wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, significant successes are achieved and people’s living standards are improved in the DPRK.