Peerless Great Man Representing the 20th Century

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the demise of President Kim Il Sung, voices from mass media of different countries resounded the world in praise for the noble revolutionary life, immortal exploits and lofty personality of President Kim Il Sung. He rendered the cause of global independence immortal contributions with his remarkable, unparalleled ideological and theoretical insight and outstanding leadership.

The Brazilian newspaper “Hora do Povo” wrote as follows:

President Kim Il Sung inspired progressive peoples of the world with strength and courage as they strive for independence. He also made outstanding contributions to the cause of independence against imperialism.

It went on to touch upon the visit by François Mitterrand, the then leader of the Socialist Party of France, who paid a visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and received valuable instructions from President Kim Il Sung in February 1981. In May the same year, he was elected as President of France. After that he attended the G7 Summit where he had praised President Kim Il Sung as the great Head of State and outstanding leader of the present times. The newspaper also stressed that although 27 years have passed since the demise of President Kim Il Sung, the feats he performed before the times and history by his distinguished leadership are and will continue to be remembered.

Indonesian Internet news site RMOL and the Internet homepage of Walta Media and Communication Corporate S.C of Ethiopia noted that the life of President Kim Il Sung was a noble one dedicated to realizing the independent cause of humankind. It also gave extensive coverage on President Kim Il Sung who, having created the Juche idea and set a shining example to anti-colonial struggle for national liberation, gave active encouragement and support to people in various countries around the world in their struggle for national liberation and construction of a new society.

Nigerian Internet homepage “The Insight” noted that what is most impressive about President Kim Il Sung’s benevolent appearance is his shining smile and continued as follows:

Tito, the former President of the then Yugoslavia and one of the founders of Non-Aligned Movement spoke out his mind that he had met with so many heads of states; however, President Kim Il Sung was the only one with whom he could have come to an understanding right away and got along well. The homepage also raised its voice in praise of President Kim Il Sung as an outstanding great man of the 20th century who captivated the world with his great attractiveness.

Nepalese Internet magazine “Nepal Today” said as follows:

Though President Kim Il Sung carried great international prestige, he treated everyone candidly with no airs and graces, no formality, nor prejudice or difference; his common touch which lightened the atmosphere of the meeting by telling plain and profound humors, anecdotes and interesting stories, removed all barriers – ideology or system as well as political views and religious beliefs.

It continued in high tribute to President Kim Il Sung as follows:

Francisco da Costa Gomes, the former president of Portugal, Norodom Sihanouk, the Great King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, American Reverend Billy Graham, Luise Rinser, a woman writer of Germany among other prominent figures in the political and social circles maintained deep personal relations with the President; what lies at the basis of fascination of the entire mankind for President Kim Il Sung, a peerless veteran statesman who was engaged in energetic activities for accomplishing the cause of global independence and ensuring peace until the last moment of his lifetime, was his ardent love for human beings as well as his noble virtue.

Dhaka Bangla Media & Communication also highly praised President Kim Il Sung. It wrote that he had kept his view on posterity which is to bring up and take better care of the coming generations for the future of the country and the future of mankind.

It went on to say as follows:

Even today, the DPRK is supplying the children with clothes for a song, which stems from such a lofty intention of the President; President Kim Il Sung was more of a father than leader of the country.