Peerlessly Great Man Boundlessly Admired by Progressive Humankind

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Korea, mass media of several countries highly praised the immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung, who achieved the national liberation through arduous battles of the anti-Japanese war and set an example of the struggles for national liberation in the colonial countries.

Russian mass media including “DV-ROSS” News Service, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, Internet Newspaper “Bremya Peremon” and internet homepages “Patrioti Moskva” and “Grifon Prestij” carried special articles with various headlines as “Peerlessly Great Man and National Liberation”, “Korea’s Liberation”, “Revolutionary Legends of Mt. Paektu Telling Great Features of Peerlessly Great General”, “All-People Resistance and Korea’s Liberation” and “Korea’s Liberation – A Historic Watershed.”

Internet Newspaper “Yedinaya Korea” carried the following article:

The Korean people highly praised President Kim Il Sung as “General of Mt. Paektu”, “Tiger of Mt. Paektu”, “Savior of Fellow Countrymen, Born with the Spirit of Mt. Paektu” and “Outstanding Saint Who Brings All Blessings to the People.” Whenever he smashed the Japanese aggressors at a stroke with ever-changing guerilla tactics and war methods, many legends were created among the people. The legends were all reflection of the happiness of having held in high esteem the leader, who could save the destiny of the fatherland and nation from the colonial rule of Japanese imperialists, and of the people’s trust in and expectations for President Kim Il Sung.

Syrian publications including Newspapers “Al Saura”, “Al Baath” and “Tishrin”, stated with the headlines of “Liberation of Korea and President Kim Il Sung”, “Under the Uplifted Banner of Self-Reliant Liberation”, “Immortal Feats of Liberation of Korea”, and “Liberation of Korea and People’s War”, as follows:

President Kim Il Sung who is possessed of steadfast independent spirit brought about the liberation of Korea, a noteworthy event in the history of the nation. The Central TV Broadcasting Service and the Central Radio Broadcasting Service of Syria gave special broadcasts.

Nepalese mass media including Newspaper “Arpan” and internet magazine “Nepal Today” carried articles with various headlines as “President Kim Il Sung and History of Anti-Japanese War” and “Victory of Korea in the Arduous Anti-Japanese Struggle.”

Pointing out that the anti-Japanese war in Korea, which had been led by President Kim Il Sung, was an arduous battle rarely seen in history, the Newspaper “Shramik” underlined as follows.

The anti-Japanese war in Korea was a struggle in the colony for national liberation, that achieved victory by believing in and relying on the strength of the people. It was also a war fought with the indomitable spirit and the will of the fighters. Many historians including war historians in the world appreciate that the anti-Japanese war in Korea is “an example of the struggle for national liberation in the colonial countries”, “an epitome of guerilla warfare” and “a war that created excellent fighting tactics.”

Numerous publications from several countries also carried special articles with the headlines “President Kim Il Sung – Legendary Hero of the Anti-Japanese Struggle”, “Kim Il Sung – Korea’s National Liberation Hero”, “Recollection of DPRK’s Victory in the Anti-Japanese War”, “Benevolent Liberator”, “A Great Man Who Achieved Korea’s Liberation with the Independent Spirit”, “Korea’s Liberation – A Turning Point in History” and so on. They include Cuban News Agency “Prensa Latina”, Cambodia’s Kampuchea News Agency, Lao Newspaper “Vientiane Times”, Egyptian Newspaper “Al Nashir”, “Public Lens”, an organ of the Uganda National Resistance Movement.