President Kim Il Sung is Pioneer and Leader of Independent Era

The world progressive peoples are paying the highest tribute to the great leader President Kim Il Sung – who illuminated the way ahead for the humankind with the brilliant rays of Juche and performed the immortal exploits in the implementation of socialist cause, anti-imperialist and independent cause by his remarkable revolutionary activities – holding him as a peerlessly great man who pioneered and added brilliance to a new independent era, thus having marked the 20th century full of vicissitudes with the unheard-of miracles.


Juche Idea, Most Precious Heritage of President Kim Il Sung


Publications from various countries have widespread coverage of the immortal ideological and theoretical exploits of President Kim Il Sung, which serve as a valuable guideline for the peoples aspiring after independence.

Bangladeshi Newspaper “Daily Folk” carried an article of praise which reads as follows: There is an idea that gives an enormous effect to the development of time, unrestricted by time and space in carving out the destiny of human being. That is the Juche Idea, a guiding idea of the socialist Korea and a guiding principle for the cause of global independence. This great ideological and theoretical treasure is a precious heritage left over by President Kim Il Sung for the humankind. The Juche Idea is an acknowledged guiding idea which represents the whole history of humankind in the light of its universal truth, perfectness and eternal vitality.

Russian Internet Newspaper “Bremya Peremon” stated that President Kim Il Sung is an initiator of the Juche Idea and a pioneer and leader of the independent era, he embarked on the road of struggle for freedom and liberation of Korea in his early age and explored the truth of the Juche Idea, he kept in mind an independent faith that masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people and nobody would give a free gift of liberation, and he organized and led the arduous anti-Japanese armed struggle into victory.

Egyptian Newspaper “Al Nashir” said as follows:

The creation of the Juche Idea was a historic event that illuminated the road ahead for the oppressed working people – who had been subjected to all sorts of sufferings under the imperialist aggression, plunder, domination, and subordination in the past – to be able to shape their destiny. Thanks to the Juche Idea, humankind was able to lift the thousand years of darkness and greet the new era of independence, and powerful trend of global independence be started on the stage of history.

Saying that the Juche Idea is an idea created by President Kim Il Sung through his practical activities of leading the Korean revolution, Cambodian Newspaper “Nokor Thom Daily” underlined as follows:

It is the view of the followers of the Juche Idea that the Juche Idea is an eternal theory of “present form” that can be applied to any era, as it is an encyclopedic idea. The Juche Idea, which is widely studied and disseminated on a global scale, is the one with a strong power of dissemination in the present era. The Juche Idea, heritage of President Kim Il Sung, will shine forever along with the victorious advance of the cause of global independence.


Great Man Who Advanced the Korean Revolution Under the Uplifted Banner of Independence


The voices of praising the sacred life of President Kim Il Sung, who demonstrated to the whole world the dignity of the DPRK by applying the principle of independence to the state building and activities, are highly echoing across the international society.

Stating that President Kim Il Sung put an end to the military occupation of the Japanese imperialists and liberated Korea on the basis of the Juche Idea, the internet homepage of Venezuela continued as follows:

President Kim Il Sung founded the people’s democratic state, first of its kind in the East. He crushed the military aggression of imperialism and honorably defended the country’s freedom and independence. The President put forward a Juche-oriented line of socialist construction and led it into a brilliant implementation.

Egyptian Newspaper carried the following article:

In the post-war period, President Kim Il Sung categorically rejected the offer to join the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON) and illuminated the way forward for building an independent national economy. While leading Korea into consistently maintaining the principle of independence in politics, self-sufficiency in economy and self-reliance in national defense, he strengthened and developed the Korean People’s Army into invincible revolutionary armed forces and led it into firmly defending the destiny of the country and people.


Noble Life Dedicated to Realizing Independent Cause of Humankind


Publications from various countries are highly praising the exploits of the peerlessly great man who energetically propelled the global independence.

Nepalese Internet Magazine “Nepal Today” stated that the whole life of President Kim Il Sung was the noble one dedicated to realizing the independent cause of humankind and it continued as follows:

The President clearly set forth the guideline for the national liberation movement that the oppressed peoples of the world could achieve their genuine freedom and independence only by the dint of their strength and struggle. He also injected strength and courage into the peoples of the countries advancing along the independent road.

Russian Newspaper “Rossiskaya Gazeta” carried a following article:

President Kim Il Sung defended the Soviet Union with arms and actively encouraged the revolution of China even in the face of tough circumstances where he was waging the anti-Japanese armed struggle without having any support from regular army or any national supply service.

After the World War, he provided material and moral support to the countries and peoples that were advancing towards anti-imperialism and independence despite the continued severe confrontation with imperialism. His image will be cherished in the minds of all peoples as an epitome of genuine internationalist.

Stating that the moral sense of duty to internationalism of President Kim Il Sung runs also through the focal points constructed for creating new lives throughout the African continent, Nigerian Newspaper “Nigerian Observer” reported that the DPRK assisted the African countries not because it was better off than the others. The assistance flew from the noble sense of obligation for internationalism of the President that the African countries should be assisted with sincerity so that they could achieve complete political and economic independence from the imperialists and stand on their own feet. African people will never forget the moral sense of duty to internationalism of President Kim Il Sung.

Indonesian Internet Newspaper “RMOL” stated as follows:

President Kim Il Sung left indelible imprints in the history of the cause of anti-imperialism and independence and in the history of struggles for national liberation in the colonial countries. It is now 26 years since the demise of the President, yet the exploits he performed for the cause of independence of humankind are going down as ever. The ideas and exploits of the great man will shine forever through centuries.