Praise for Great Man Resounds, Conveying His Immortal Exploits Forever

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the historic visit of Chairman Kim Jong Il to the Russian Federation, the National Salvation Front of Russia issued a statement. The statement said that the visit to Russia by Chairman Kim Jong Il led to laying a reliable foundation for developing the traditional relations of friendship between the DPRK and the Russian Federation onto a higher stage as required by the new era. The statement continued that the agreements reached during the visit served as a new milestone in strengthening strategic cooperation between the two countries for ensuring global peace and security.

And the Russian media reported with photos of Chairman Kim Jong Il that the news of the Chairman paying his respects to the Lenin Mausoleum drew a global attention at that time.

The media also reported as follows:

During the days of his visit to Russia, Chairman Kim Jong Il always bore the Korean people in his mind. He paid deep attention to the issues concerning people’s living even when looking around many places. The Russian people who accompanied him were deeply moved by his disposition as a genuine popular leader.