International Society Praises Policy of Love for the People By Respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

The international society is highly praising the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who is writing down the great history of people-oriented leadership, bearing the warm love and devoted spirit for the people.

The chairperson of the Bangladesh People’s League highly appreciated that H.E. Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) takes the love for people as the starting-point of all of his thinking and activities and also as the highest principle and objective of the policies of the WPK.

“Água Verde”, a Brazilian newspaper said in the article that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un leads the WPK into consistently applying the people-first principle, and he always instructs the officials to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, while spending days and nights by giving field guidance throughout the country.

The Iranian media “Irna” reported as follows:

The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is a love-for-the-people-type politician with noble benevolence and popular viewpoint. The Korean people describe his policy as a policy of loving the people. Whenever there is any building to be erected and any product to be made, the Supreme Leader, who gives top and absolute priority to the people’s interests, first asks if they are to the people’s liking and convenience. The Korean people follow and revere him as the father and the teacher, let alone as the leader of the country.

The Egyptian newspaper “Al Akhbar Al Masa’y” stated that the noble viewpoint on people is the starting point of the political philosophy of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and it continued as follows:

The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, who regards the people as the most precious beings in the world, put forward the slogan: “Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” Holding the value of people as so highly sacred and absolute is what distinguishes the political philosophy of the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. He is the perfect embodiment of the political philosophy for devotedly serving the people, and his love for the people and his political philosophy of devoted service are winning the popular mind in the Korean society and enjoying the absolute support and trust of all people.