Premises of DPRK Embassy in Tehran Inaugurated

The premises of the DPRK embassy in Tehran were newly built and inaugurated with due ceremony on Wednesday.

Attending the ceremony were Choe Hui Chol, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Kang Sam Hyon, DPRK ambassador to Iran, and members of the embassy and officials concerned.

Present on invitation were Ebrahim Rahimpour, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, personages of the Tehran City Government, friendly organizations, media and different social standings and members of an Iranian construction company.

Choe Hui Chol made an inaugural address.

He said that the premises of the DPRK embassy were built a new to boost exchanges, contacts and cooperation between the two countries for world peace and security and international justice.

He stressed it is the consistent stand of the DPRK government to invariably develop the strategic relations between the two countries forged and strengthened by President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il together with the top leaders of Iran in the common struggle for independence against imperialism.

Ebrahim Rahimpour in his speech said he was pleased with the opening of the DPRK embassy, expressing the belief that the bilateral relations forged by the preceding leaders of the two countries would grow stronger.

The Iranian people, who remember the DPRK’s sincere help and solidarity to Iran when it was in hard times, will fully support the struggle of the Korean people at all times, he added.

The inaugural tape was cut and the participants looked round the embassy.

The DPRK embassy hosted a reception on the same day.