Press Statement by Im Chon Il, Vice-Minister for Russian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Today when the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) and the Russian Federation are in heyday in their development, we significantly mark the first anniversary of the historic visit to the Russian Federation by Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid an official goodwill visit to the Russian Federation in April, Juche 108(2019), formed excellent personal relations with President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and laid solid foundations for further developing the strategic and traditional DPRK-Russia relations of friendship as befits the requirement of the new era.

At the historic meeting in Vladivostok, the supreme leaders of the two countries agreed on the concrete directions and steps for further promoting the mutual understanding, trust, friendship and cooperation and propelling the development of the friendly DPRK-Russia relations oriented toward the new century, and exchanged honest and candid views on various issues with respect to the situation of the Korean peninsula and the international relations.

The agreements reached at the DPRK-Russia summit meeting represent a clear milestone in intensifying the strategic cooperation for peace and security in the Northeast Asian region and the rest of the world.

During the past one year, the peoples of the two countries have developed the bilateral relations in several areas such as politics, economy and culture by strengthening mutual support and cooperation in the common interests, overcoming the encountering difficulties and ordeals.

Frequent high-level visits and contacts by both sides and broad exchanges of views on the issue of bilateral relations and other international issues add to the flower garden of the DPRK-Russia friendship.

Between June and August of last year, the Minister of Development of Far East and Arctic, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation visited our country, and from September, the Chairman of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the Vice-Premier of the Cabinet and the First Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK visited the Russian Federation one after another, all of which have led to increasing the strategic exchanges of views.

Even in the severe environment where the novel coronavirus infections are sweeping over the whole world, the two countries are closely supporting and cooperating with each other and increasing the cooperation for achieving genuine international justice at the UN and in other international arena.

The two countries will further strengthen the long-standing bonds of excellent friendship and sincere solidarity between the peoples of the two countries by jointly conducting various political and cultural events in a meaningful way on the important occasions including the 75th anniversary of the Korean Liberation and the 20th anniversary of the DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration.

Our people firmly believe that the friendly people of the Russian Federation will surely achieve victories in their efforts for building a strong Russia by inheriting the great tradition of the war victory and also in their immediate battle for controlling the novel coronavirus infections.

Under the deep attention by the supreme leaders of the two countries, the DPRK-Russia relations will continue to strengthen and develop onto a higher stage, overcoming all the difficulties and challenges by inheriting the long history and tradition of friendship.

Pyongyang, April 23, Juche 109(2020)