Press Statement by Pak Myong Guk, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Maneuvers of the United States to stifle Cuba are getting more undisguised in the wake of an abnormal situation in which massive anti-government protests took place recently in several areas of Cuba.

I want to make it clear that the main culprit and behind-the-scenes manipulator of the Cuban situation is none other than the U.S. This has been proved by the fact that the high-level U.S. officials engaged themselves in instigating and agitating anti-government protests soon after the occurrence of the disturbances.

Finding itself in failure of its attempt to obliterate the Cuban socialist system with the disturbances as an occasion, the U.S. is resorting to interferences in internal affairs of Cuba under the signboard of “human rights protection”.

However, the century and age-old American inhuman anti-Cuba economic blockade and crafty psychological conspiracy through the Internet against Cuba will never break the revolutionary will of the Cuban people to safeguard socialism and revolution to the end.

On July 17, hundreds of thousands Cuban people turned out as one to hold mass rallies and explicitly disclosed the maneuvers of the U.S. and a handful of anti-revolutionary elements and strongly condemned and rejected the American scheme to obliterate Cuba. This is a clear manifestation of faith and will of the Cuban people to firmly defend the fatherland, revolution and gains of socialism.

I extend full support and solidarity to the Cuban government and people who have risen up in the nationwide struggle to strongly reject the American scheme to stifle Cuba, defend to the end national dignity and sovereignty as well as the gains of socialism won at the cost of blood.

We will stand, as ever, shoulder to shoulder with the fraternal government and people of Cuba in the same trench of struggle to frustrate the aggression and challenges posed by the hostile forces and successfully advance the common cause of socialism.

The just cause of the Cuban government and people will surely emerge victorious.


Pyongyang, July 21, Juche 110(2021)