Question of Palestine Awaits Substantial Solution

With the approach of November 29, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we reaffirm our strong support to and solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for achieving their national sovereignty and dignity.

During the period of over 40 years since the designation of this day, Palestine has become a full member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), buttressed by the full support and encouragement of the world progressive countries and peoples, and after having been granted an observer status in the United Nations (UN), it hoisted its flag with high pride at the UN headquarters in September 2015.

This is a precious achievement made by the Palestinian people in the struggle to regain their national dignity and rights.

However, there are yet enormous difficulties ahead of the Palestinian people who are striving to regain their national rights and to establish an independent state with East Kuds as its capital.

In a speech in May, the Palestinian President underlined that the Palestinian government and people will continue to wage a vigorous national fight against the occupation by Israel and for freedom and independence.

The Palestinian people are now waging an arduous struggle for establishing an independent state in the face of the grave situation caused by the Israeli acts of occupying territories and violating human rights.

Now is the high time when the international society should extend greater support and solidarity to the righteous struggle of the Palestinian people.

The international society should make unreserved efforts to substantially solve the Palestinian question, one of the priority tasks for ensuring peace and stability in the Middle East.


Korea-Arab Association