Comrade Kim Jong Il Revered by Publications of Various Countries as Outstanding Politician

On the occasion of the significant Day of the Shining Star, boundless reverence and admiration are highly expressed by the international society for the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il who led to victory the independent cause, the socialist cause of the popular masses with his outstanding ideology and theory and seasoned leadership.

Cambodia’s FM 105 Radio said that on February 16 every year, the Korean people and the world progressive peoples recall His Excellency Kim Jong Il. It praised that he is a peerlessly great man who made great contributions to the cause of world peace, and a great saint who provided a peaceful blue sky to humankind with the treasured sword of Songun.

“International Media”, an Indonesian newspaper carried the following article. H.E. Kim Jong Il systematized the ideas and theories of President Kim Il Sung in a comprehensive way through his energetic writing activities and put forward a guiding principle for the independent cause of the humankind. During the time when the imperialists concentrated their anti-socialist attack on the DPRK by taking advantage of the frustration of socialism, he provided a scientific explication of the validity of the socialist cause and the inevitability of its victory by making public a large number of works.

The Bangladeshi newspaper “Daily Nauroz” reported on the high praises expressed by political and social personages from various countries as follows:

The art of leadership of H.E. Kim Jong Il is wonderful beyond surprising, enchanting beyond envious and great beyond brilliant. He is surely the greatest of great men, the most outstanding great revolutionary and the distinguished politician who possesses on a highest level the surprising wisdom and courage and the benevolence of the sun together with the moral obligation that no other great men have ever had.

“L’Avenir”, a newspaper of Democratic Congo carried an article that H.E. Kim Jong Il devoted the whole of his life for the people on the basis of the belief that flowers should be cultured to bloom on the rocks if it is the people’s wish, saying that his whole life could boil down to 6 letters, that is, “people,” and it continued. Caring for people and embracing them warmly with paternal love was the political work of H.E. Kim Jong Il, an incarnation of love for humankind. Indeed, his revolutionary life was all for the people.

The Russian media “DW-ROSS” underlined that the exploits of H.E. Kim Jong Il will shine forever in the history of humankind, saying that he was an outstanding leader who devoted his all to an accomplishment of the cause of global peace under an uplifted banner of anti-imperialism and independence.