Russian Personages Praise Great Comrade Kim Jong Il as Outstanding Veteran Statesman

Boundless reverence of the world progressive peoples for the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who led to brilliant victories the socialist cause of Juche with his outstanding ideology and experienced and seasoned leadership, are voiced among the Russian personages on the significant occasion of the Day of Shining Star.

Alexandr Vorontsov, Section Chief of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said as follows:

One of the greatest exploits of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Il is that he developed the DPRK into a world military power and an impregnable fortress no one would dare to provoke.

When the Korean people were faced with indescribable difficulties and trials, Comrade Kim Jong Il broke through all those severe ordeals and firmly defended the socialism under the banner of Songun.

Such being his great exploits, he never allowed an erection of his statue during his lifetime.

This is Comrade Kim Jong Il and he is such a great leader the world has not seen yet.

Praising that the great Comrade Kim Jong Il is an outstanding veteran statesman extolled not only by Korea and Russia but also by the whole world, Sergei Bavrin, Chairman of the General People’s Union Party of Russia, said as follows:

He devoted himself for the people, bearing warm love for them.

The people formed an integrated whole around the leader, and therefore, the hostile forces could not but be overwhelmed every time by such a might more powerful than an atomic bomb.

The noble exploits performed by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il, who led the socialist Korea to victory and glory, will shine forever over the centuries.