Seminar Held to Mark World AIDS Day

A seminar took place at the Grand People’s Study House on Wednesday to mark World AIDS Day.

Present there were officials of the Ministry of Public Health and relevant units and the acting UN Resident Coordinator, the Representative of WHO and staff members of missions of other international organizations here.

Speeches were made at the seminar.

Speakers said that many successes have been achieved in different countries of the world through a brisk campaign for eliminating HIV infected cases and reducing the AIDS mortality.

They underscored the need to conduct an AIDS checkup and blood products checkup in a more responsible manner and intensify the monitor of AIDS in the hygienic and anti-epidemic field in order to prevent their contagion and spread.

There took place discussions on prevention of AIDS and a quiz on common sense.

At the end of the seminar the participants enjoyed a performance given by the hygienic information team of students.