Single-Minded Unity of DPRK Admired by International Society

The international society is expressing high admiration for the reality of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which is breaking through all the challenges encountered and demonstrating its tremendous national strength, the leader and the people being in a harmonious whole.

“Public Lens”, an organ of the Uganda National Resistance Movement, stated in an article that the DPRK is firmly rallied around the leader, and single-minded unity of the Korean society centered on Chairman Kim Jong Un brightens the name of the DPRK with greatest ever strength and miracle. It continued that the basis of single-minded unity, a viability of Korean-style socialism, is the preceding leaders’ warm love for the people, and the socialism in Korea, where this warm love of believing in people as in heaven is applied, is now further being consolidated and developed under the Chairman Kim Jong Un’s policy of loving the people.

The internet magazine “Nepal Today” commented that the highlight of distinguishing the DPRK from other countries is the harmonious whole formed between the leader and the people, and the key to success of the DPRK having developed into a powerful socialist country by overcoming all the difficulties is the strong unity of the society.

Secretary General of the African Regional Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea underlined that a harmonious whole wherein the leader believes in and loves the people and the people absolutely trust in their leader is the source of invincible might of the DPRK.

General Coordinator of the Federal Political Secretariat of United Left of Venezuela mentioned that the experiences of the DPRK add to the conviction that the fights against any formidable enemy will always be victorious if the single-minded unity of the leader and the people and the great national strength are in place.

The Indian newspaper “Indian and World Event” appreciated that the absolute trust of the Korean people in their leader flows from the leader’s noble traits and benevolent politics, and the political activities of Chairman Kim Jong Un are always devoted to the people and associated with the important matters for realizing the people’s aspiration and desire.

And the Indonesian internet newspaper “RMOL” carried a following article. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un considers himself as a servant of the people and this can be well explained by the photos taken with the people. The photos taken during his field guidance, such as those taken with the people unreservedly sitting in storehouse full of fishy smell or on the muddy pile of potatoes and those taken with kindergarteners, cannot be found in the albums of other heads of state.

The Cambodian news agency AKP reported that Chairman Kim Jong Un, looked up by the world people as a great man who is charmingly respected by everyone, is praised by the Korean people as “our leader”, “leader loved by people”, and wherever he visits, people are so moved as to give him enthusiastic cheers.

The Ethiopian newspaper “Fortune” underlined that the Korean people are devotedly defending their leader who safeguards the sovereignty and prestige of the country as well as the safety and destiny of the nation, and they are upholding his idea and leadership with loyalty, and this single-minded unity of the Korean people is the great strength of supporting the DPRK as an invincible powerful state.

The First Secretary of the Khabarovsk Kraj Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation asserted that the DPRK, which holds in high esteem Chairman Kim Jong Un and consolidates rock-solid single-minded unity of the whole society with the leader at the center, will continue to demonstrate its prestige and might to the whole world as befits a powerful socialist state.