Statement by Director of Research Institute for Nutrition Care of Children of DPRK

The Director of the Research Institute for Nutrition Care of Children under the Academy of Medical Science of the Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK) released the following statement on April 6:

I was extremely astonished and angered by the foreign media news which has seriously distorted the health condition of children in our country.

According to the news, a UN experts’ group published a “report”, which contains groundless information that many children suffering from malnutrition in our country are not receiving proper treatment due to the state emergency anti-epidemic measures taken to check the inroads of COVID-19.

As a person responsible for nutrition care of the children in our country, I categorically reject this information, affirming that this is a sheer lie which is utterly unfounded.

In our country, nutrition care of children is deemed a top priority despite difficult conditions and insufficiency.

But those self-styled experts wearing the berets of UN are distorting the situation of our country in order to create an impression that serious “malnutrition of children” exists in our country. This cannot but be viewed as a black-hearted act of hostility to tarnish the image of our country.

I vehemently denounce the despicable act of hostile forces for abusing even the august name of children – which should be respected as the most sacred one – merely in order to attain their political purposes.

No matter how desperately the hostile forces may attempt, they can never remove the bright and happy looks from our children.

Taking this opportunity, I warn the quasi-media of south Korea taking the lead in the anti-DPRK smear campaign by echoing rubbish-like information no one lends ear to.

No matter by whom they were instigated and whatever the reason, they will be bound to commit an unforgivable deadly sin against posterity if they seek to incite north-south confrontation by finding fault even with innocent children.

In my opinion, it is necessary to seriously examine as to whether “humanitarian aid” under the signboard of UN and NGOs is really helpful for us and to take resolute countermeasures against the entities and organizations being in cahoots with the hostile forces.

Our state takes full responsibility for the health and future of our children.