Statement by Head of Delegation of DPRK at Fourth Committee of 75th Session of UNGA

Head of Delegation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) delivered a statement at the meeting of the Fourth Committee of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly on October 15.

The statement reads as follows:

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, on behalf of the delegation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea allow me to congratulate you on your election as Chair of this committee. I am confident that your able chairmanship will lead the Committee’s work to a good success.

The DPRK delegation aligns itself with the statement delivered by the representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan on behalf of the Non-aligned Movement (NAM) and makes the following statement in its national capacity on agenda items 51 and 53.

Mr. Chairman,

Outer space is a common wealth of all humankind.

The infinite outer space has no borders like those on the planet and every country has the universal right to explore and use outer space for peaceful purposes.

Today, the outer space is no longer an exclusive domain of a few developed countries. As the impact of space science and technology on socio-economic development increases, developing countries are actively engaged in the development of outer space with remarkable successes.

As a state party to four major conventions on outer space activities including the Outer Space Treaty, DPRK orientates its outer space development efforts towards solving scientific and technological issues for improving national economy and people’s livelihood in full exercise of its legitimate right to the peaceful use of outer space.

DPRK is one of top 10 space powers, which has independently manufactured and launched four earth satellites into orbit.

We adhere to the principle of maintaining independent and self-reliant character in the development and use of outer space. At the same time, we are interested in international cooperation and exchange on the basis of equality, mutual benefits and complementary reciprocity.

DPRK supports the “Space 2030” agenda on promoting exchange of space science and technology and enhancing cooperation for upgrading space infrastructure among countries as a part of the efforts for achieving the SDGs. It stands ready to join the international efforts to implement the agenda.

It is the consistent stand of the DPRK to oppose selectivity and double standard in relation to space activities as well as militarization of outer space.

DPRK will make steady efforts for outer space development to improve national economy and people’s living standards in conformity with local conditions while ensuring full transparency of its space activities.

Mr. Chairman,

My delegation appreciates the work of the Special Committee to investigate Israeli Practices Affecting Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories.

We would like also to extend our full support to the Palestinian people in their struggle to reclaim their homeland by bringing to an end the Israel’s wild ambition for territorial expansion and achieve peace in the region.

Mr. Chairman,

The issue of Palestine was officially tabled at the 29th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Since then, it has been put on the agenda item of the United Nations followed by adoption of relevant resolutions scores of times. But, regrettably, there has been no tangible result so far.

Meanwhile, brutality of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians and other Arabs within the occupied territories has become institutionalized and ever more undisguised.

There can be no justification for the acts of Israeli occupiers who have taken tens of thousands of innocent Palestinian lives in flagrant violation of the very right to life and existence-the fundamental human rights.

The United Nations Security Council, primarily mandated to maintain international peace and security, should no longer tolerate any act of patronizing and fanning up Israel’s territorial extortion and human rights violations and take strong counter measures.

My delegation takes this opportunity to express support to and solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to put an end to the illegal territorial occupation of Israel and to regain their national rights through the establishment of an independent state with East Kuds as its capital.

We would like also to express unwavering solidarity to the righteous cause of Syrian people in their struggle for reclaiming the occupied Golan.

Thank you.