Strange Whine of Netanyahu

According to the Israeli “Jerusalem Post”, Prime Minister Netanyahu, at the Cabinet Meeting on August 2, censured the Israeli mass media for having covered the true pictures of the anti-government demonstrations staged by his populations who were discontent at the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the consequent aggravating economic conditions. He also found fault with the DPRK groundlessly by saying that “the Israeli mass media follow a Soviet style and north Korean style in its news coverage.”

Netanyahu is to face a trial soon sitting in the dock as a kingpin of irregularities and corruption. In spite of this, he ran the Israeli mass media down, which had covered the story of the anti-government demonstrations widespread in his country. Worse still, he went off the point by picking on us. All this can’t be overlooked at all.

Netanyahu himself has an inveterate feeling of negating the DPRK. During his trip to Japan in May 2014, he used abusive language against the DPRK saying that it is a “rogue state with nuclear weapons”. He also gained his notoriety in January 2015 for his railing at the DPRK that it was “violent and threatening”.

At that time, the world people were so much enraged by such a reckless remark of Netanyahu, because Israel, a root of all evils to peace in the Middle East, which is threatening and blackmailing other countries in the region with hundreds of nuclear weapons, picked fault with the other while saying that it is a “rogue state” and poses a “threat”.

He picked a quarrel with the DPRK again for no reason at all. His evil intention, to all intents and purposes, is nothing but a whine aimed at sustaining the remainder of his political career which is only numbered.

This time Netanyahu, through his vicious criticism against the demonstrations for “democracy”, showed fully to the world his political incompetency and a true picture of “democracy” advocated by Israel.

Netanyahu is best advised to worry about how he would come to an end in the rest of his political career.


Secretary General of Korea-Arab Association