The Soil and Seeds  

Numerous young people worldwide who are supposed to play a pivotal role in shaping the future development and rise and fall of the country, are now wandering instead in the depth of unemployment and poverty as well as crime and depravity – a cause for deep concern for the international society and an issue of great importance that deserves an immediate solution without a moment’s delay.

In December, 2014, the 69th UNGA expressed concern over the state of unemployed youth numbering about 74,500,000 and designated July 15 as World Youth Skills Day with the aim of providing them with opportunities to take part in the work by encouraging them to acquire relevant skills.

However, the wretched plight of the youth that casts yet a darker shadow over the future of mankind poses a question before the times that means a great deal in itself- is this truly an issue limited only to their intellectual faculties? The current state of things calls for a genuine ideal society where young people would be taken care of and grow up healthy.

Such a society is the socialist system of the DPRK where the politics of attaching importance to young people and love for young people is being implemented in full. The socialist system, a genuine country of people and a stage of activities for the youth, gives all the rights as befits a human being to all youth and enables them to give full play to their hopes and skills.

The artificial satellites lifting off and into the infinite space, demonstrating the tremendous national strength of our Republic; the mega-scale Juche-oriented production bases; and world-startling monumental edifices – all of these are appearing on this land thanks to the might and wisdom of none other than our reliable young people.

Then what is the source of this infinite might that has led our youth to grow up as the world-startling titans of creation and main force of the socialist construction?

It is the warm care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who develops all sorts of desires and budding talents of the youth into full blossoms, the qualities that even their own parents failed to fathom their full potential. He also leads millions of youth throughout the country by their hands at every step.

When the Paektu youth built a rock-firm dam to last for an eternity in a deep deserted valley with all their youthful strength and passion, respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was so satisfied that he called them his trustworthy comrades and comrades-in arms. He was so much concerned about the living conditions of ordinary girl workers that he provided them with a “workers’ palace” that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tens of hundreds of days are not long enough to convey such paternal love and affection of the respected marshal.

Our youths devote their hearts and soul to repay his love and trust and find their youthful worth and happiness on the road envisaged by him. This has enabled them to have such strength of loyalists equivalent to force majeure to defend at the cost of their lives the portraits of the peerlessly great men in fires that broke out unexpectedly and have virtues and tender feelings characteristic of socialism of our own style, helping and loving each other as they voluntarily take up the responsibility of real parents of orphans and become life companions of honoured disabled soldiers.

Contrary to this, in the capitalist society where extreme egoism and money-is-almighty sophistry prevails, hopes and aspirations of the youth are run through with money-making schemes and tactics of being the fittest in the struggle for existence. Ethical qualities like elementary human love and virtue are fading out in the overall social sphere.

Some time ago, an agency of public opinion survey of a western country published a report stating that 73% of the respondents lamented that moral values of the youth of the country are degraded and 7 out of 10 expressed dissatisfactions with the ever-worsening social circumstances as the crime of every kind stalks the society. This fact alone is a tell-tale illustration of the suffocating reality of the capitalist society.

Through this, mankind would realize with little difficulty that the issue of young people is evidently a socio-institutional issue and which society truly protects and brings into full bloom the dreams and future of the youth.

A seed, good as it may, can never grow up to be a strong and giant tree apart from fertile soil.