Third-Day Sitting of 3rd Plenary Meeting of 8th Central Committee of Workers’ Party of Korea Held

The third-day sitting of the 3rd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) continued on June 17 to confirm the fighting policies and practical tasks which would play the guiding role in further accelerating the historic advance of our Party and people for this year.

As the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un appeared at the meeting hall to mount the platform, all the participants raised thunderous cheers of “Hurrah!” for the General Secretary of the ever-victorious Party who is dedicating his life to the well-being and happiness of the state and the people and wisely leading the plenary meeting to creditably perform its crucial discussion and to fulfill its historic guiding mission and role.

Panel studies and consultative meetings, that followed the second-day sitting, fully discussed substantial and dynamic tasks to be carried out in the second half of the year and practical ways for their implementation.

The plenary examined all constructive opinions and adopted with unanimity a resolution reflecting additional measures for carrying through major state policy tasks for this year and a resolution on unconditionally fulfilling the grain production plan by concentrating efforts of the entire Party, the whole army and all the people on this year’s farming.

The plenary discussed as the fourth agenda item the analysis of the present international situation and our Party’s direction to deal with it.

The respected General Secretary reviewed and assessed major changes taking place recently in the international political arena and the external environment of our revolution.

Especially he made detailed analysis of the policy tendency of the new U.S. administration toward our Republic and clarified appropriate strategic and tactical counteraction and direction of activities to be maintained in the relations with the U.S. in the days ahead.

The General Secretary stressed the need to get prepared for both dialogue and confrontation, especially to get more fully prepared for confrontation in order to protect the dignity of our state and its interests for independent development and to reliably guarantee the peaceful environment and the security of our state.

Clarifying the foreign policy stand and principles of the WPK and the DPRK government concerning the important international and regional issues and stressing the need to further enhance the strategic position and active role of our state and create favorable external climate on our own initiatives, the General Secretary called for sharply and promptly reacting to and coping with the rapidly changing situation and concentrating efforts on taking stable control of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The plenary discussed as the fifth agenda item the issues to be settled before anything else in order to stabilize and improve the people’s living under the present situation.

Saying that it is the most important principle maintained by the WPK and the state in their activities to provide the stable life to the people and timely solve their difficulties, the General Secretary detailed the actual situation of the people’s living, which he acquainted himself with through several consultative meetings, and the practical measures for its improvement.

He said the idea of the devoted service for the people’s well-being – the idea which is set forth as the sacred one by our Party – is the practical guideline and standard of actions that call for upholding the people with unconditional service bearing the responsibility for their lives and livelihood with all dedication to their interest in practice. He stressed that the Party should go deeper among the people when undergoing hardships, become their trusty mainstay, always find itself near them to share joy and sorrow with them and devote everything to the people’s well-being.

He said the key point of the plenary meeting is to take decisive enforcement measures for immediately solving the urgent matters most concerned and looked forward to by the people at present, and delivered a special order that he personally signed with his sincerity to make even a small contribution to stabilizing the people’s living.

All the participants in the plenary supported and approved with enthusiastic applause the important determination and decision of the General Secretary reflective of his responsibility for the destiny and life of all the people of the country and the spirit of devoted service for them.

The plenary meeting discussed as the sixth agenda item the issue of improving and bolstering the Party’s childcare policy.

The General Secretary stressed that no revolutionary work is more important than the bringing up of children, the future of the country, to be strong and sound and that it is the most important policy and supreme cherished desire of our Party and state to provide more improved conditions of bringing them up even at the cost of a huge sum of money.

Noting that it has to be the way of advance and development of our revolution to exert more sincerity to children even as the condition becomes worse and to take dynamic steps forward towards the future of communism with the might of that love, he warmly said that if the children who are born and grow up on this land are well fed and raised healthily in good environment from their childhood, so much vibrant vitality and vim will overflow our society after 20 or 30 years and the national power of the Republic will grow and gain in strength.

Saying that the period of nursery and kindergarten is the most important age in the children’s growth and development, he called for establishing it as a Party’s policy to supply all the children across the country with nourishing food including dairy products at the state’s expense and set forth detailed tasks and ways for realizing it.

He ardently said that all the officials should pay special attention to providing sufficient food to the children of nurseries and kindergartens with their real parents’ affection and get their loyalty to the Party, revolution, motherland and the people verified with their tangible contribution to implementing the Party’s childcare policy.

At the plenary meeting, the suggestion made by the General Secretary was discussed with strong impulse and excitement and a relevant resolution was adopted under the full support and unanimous approval of the participants.

All the participants in the meeting took a firm pledge to thoroughly implement the important policies discussed and decided at the plenary meeting.

The meeting continues.