Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Continues Report at Third-day Meeting of 8th Congress of WPK

Upon hearing the news about the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) which marks an epochal significance in accomplishing the Korean-style socialist cause, the trust of millions of Party members and people all over the country in the great Party and their loyalty towards it are getting stronger.

The third-day meeting of the 8th Congress of the WPK was held on January 7.

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, continued his report on the work of the 7th Central Committee of the WPK following the second-day meeting.

The impassioned report by the Supreme Leader of our Party, state and armed forces, which greatly inspires the entire Party and all the people to the struggle for achieving a new victory of the next stage, increasingly excites the participants in the Congress and redoubles their revolutionary enthusiasm and spirit to surely implement the important tasks facing the Party and the revolution.

The third-day report analyzed and evaluated in depth the shortcomings and lessons found in the past five years of work for hastening the cultural construction. It also set forth directions and ways for opening up a fresh golden age by carrying out a great revolution in every field of socialist culture including education, public health, literature and arts, making those shortcomings and lessons a stepping-stone for progress and leap forward.

The report also referred to the important matters arising in establishing our own wholesome and revolutionary lifestyle in all spheres of social life and thoroughly eliminating non-socialist elements.

Stressing the actual need to improve the state administration and further intensify the judicial work and struggle, the report suggested practical ways to give full play to the advantages and might of the social system of our state, the priceless gains of the revolution and the life and existence of our people.

Pointing out that the working people’s organizations including the youth league, outer organizations of the Party linking the Party with the masses fail to fulfill their missions and duties, the report dealt with the principled matters arising in developing the league into a great force of socialist construction by making sure that it places its internal work and ideological education above all.

Looking back on the present situation of their sectors and units based on the report imbued with our Party’s idea of believing in the people as in heaven and its people-first principle, the participants are cool-headedly analyzing their past work in terms of the Party spirit, the revolutionary spirit and the serve-the people-spirit.

They are paying attention to the report on the work of the Party Central Committee, learning a severe lesson that they can neither meet the requirements of the times and the revolution nor break through the obstacles in their advance without innovating their work with high party consciousness and forward-looking fighting spirit and without getting rid of mannerism and stiffness and old-fashioned manner of work.

The report studied the issue of affairs with south Korea as required by the prevailing situation and the changed times and declared the general orientation and the policy stand of our Party for comprehensively expanding and developing the external relations.

Amid the growing attention and enthusiasm of the participants for the issues of crucial significance in developing the Korean revolution, the report analyzed the successes made in strengthening the Party organizationally and ideologically and improving its leadership role in the period under review, and set forth the tasks and ways for immediately correcting the flaws existing in the Party work at  present, further strengthening the Party and the revolutionary ranks and intensifying the Party guidance on the revolution and construction.

The participants are receiving with great excitement the report on the work of the Party Central Committee which wisely clarifies the policies for successfully tackling all the present obstacles and difficulties by giving full play to the internal motive force and potential of the Korean revolution.

Listening attentively to the report by the Supreme Leader, all the participants are deeply studying the heavy and responsible tasks facing the Korean revolution, which has entered the period of new development and leap forward, in combination with the work in their sectors and units.

As the Congress continues, all the participants realize more deeply the greatness and wisdom of the Party, the general staff of the Korean revolution and the organizer and guide of all victories. They also renew their revolutionary faith and indomitable spirit with the Congress as an occasion, being filled with revolutionary enthusiasm to achieve substantial successes and innovations in their future practical drive.

The Congress continues.