U.S. and West Hammered for Claiming About China’s Cyber Threats

Recently, the cyber security issue is furthering the confrontation and friction between China and the United States and other Western countries.

On July 19, the Western forces including the U.S., EU and NATO blamed China all at the same time for the massive cyber-attack on Microsoft company occurred early this year, asserting that China was behind it.

China lashed back, calling this as yet another anti-Chinese pressure campaign driven by a political motive, and strongly demanded the U.S. and the Western countries to stop immediately the unfounded slander against it.

On July 20, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the U.S. is rallying its allies to groundlessly criticize China by turning black into white and that such action stemmed from a political purpose to tarnish the image of China, and reiterated the Chinese government’s stand of zero tolerance for any form of cyber-attack.

Exposing the true nature of the U.S. as the “origin of the world’s largest cyber-attack”, the spokesperson stated that individual countries can never represent the international society and demanded the U.S. and its allies to refrain from slandering China, adding that China will take necessary measures in the coming days to firmly defend its cyber security and interests.

The Chinese media including “Global Times” commented one after another that the claim about the China’s cyber-attack on the U.S. is a blatant lie and this case is merely another farce to “demonize” China.

The comments made a fool of the U.S., stating that the “Snowden” case, wiretapping of the leaders of European countries and other cases already laid bare the identity of the U.S. as a “global chieftain of hackers”, and the behavior of the U.S. – a “hacking empire” –tarnishing and criticizing China together with its allies under the cloak of a “cyber security defender”, is like the guilty party filing the suit first.