Unchanged Ambition for Appropriating Territory

Recently, Israel announced another plan to build thousands of new Jewish houses on the Jewish settlements in the West Bank of Jordan and East Kuds, the Palestinian territories, in disregard of the strong reaction and concern of the international society.

This is an open challenge to the relevant UN resolutions and the international laws devoted to a peaceful solution of the Palestinian issue, and it is also a criminal act against humanity aimed at totally obliterating the Palestinian people’s right to existence.

The Israeli maneuver for appropriating the territories, which undermines peace and stability of the Middle East, can never be justified on any account.

It is quite natural that the international society strongly rejects the Israeli act of constructing Jewish settlements, denouncing it as the biggest obstacle to realizing peace and a threat to the Two-State Solution.

An establishment of independent state of Palestine with East Kuds as its capital based on the borderline prior to the outbreak of June 1967 War is an undeniable legitimate right of the Palestinian people, recognized by the international law.

We condemn the Israel’s illegal move of constructing Jewish settlements and extend, as ever, our full support and encouragement to the righteous fight of the Palestinian people to regain their national rights and establish their own independent state.


Korea-Arab Association